Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Meeting God At The Spa

Okay, okay. So Tom and I didn't really go to a spa yesterday. It just felt like we did.

It was an MRI place, one I told you about months ago, but this time I had my camera with me---this autumn the camera stays inside my purse so I can stick it out of our speeding car's window and take tons of photos like this:

And this:

Er hem. Anyway, the nurse even gave us the same lovely, tiny waiting room just for ourselves, the place with the perfect lighting (though the little chandelier wasn't working):

... and the beyond-comfy chairs and pleasant blue walls.

Well, they escorted Tom to his MRI then I had that closet-sized room to myself.

Oh wow.

What is it about that room that makes me feel God's always there waiting for me, welcoming me to a new secret place with Him? Well, partly, it's the music. The perfect soundtrack music for my book was playing. The Quilter's Apprentice, my 50 cent rummage sale find was incredible reading while I snuggled in the chair. Already I'd enjoyed my free (actually good) coffee before the room became ours, otherwise, perhaps it all would have been too perfect. Perhaps.

That blue room with its lighting and music and sink-down chairs feels like the warmest hug. And echoes with whispers, too. Whispers which, well, uhm, whisper, "Relax. Feel safe. Drop your heavy thoughts and leave them on the floor." So that's what I did--and came away limp as Raggedy Ann.

Man, I need a blue closet like that here at home. :)

But right now? That ain't gonna happen. Our upstairs guest room is kinda-sorta like that (kinda), but Naomi and her cats and fish are up there now until to-be announced.

Yet I do have my formica table in our dining room window. There's no blue walls or perfect lighting or squishy chair there, (though there's a chandelier and my own good coffee), but you know? It's still special, it still works for me because God waits to meet me there. I pull out my chair and hear Him whisper, "Here I am." And actually? That's all I really need, anyway.


Thanks so much for each of your comments about our yard sale rug and other stuff! It's fun sharing that sort of thing with others who also enjoy the hunt.



Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

So happy for your calm. Don't we all need that? :-)

And I came over to tell you about how I may have introduced some people to our Gladys Taber. :-) I posted this post, and was so happy to find that some Dear Readers, who had not heard of her, were now going to find her books.

It warms my heart and I knew it would warm your heart too. :-)

Gentle hugs...

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

And wow am I glad that I collected so many of her books, a long time ago. They seem to be becoming less available and costly. At least some of them.

I'm so happy I was wise enough to haunt old book stores on Cape Cod [when we were there for a few days, every Autumn] and etc., and have them on my shelf, for years. :-) Some dust jackets worn and very, very beat up. But I love them, this way, all the more.

Gentle hugs...

Pat said...

I think the medical community has gotten a bit of wisdom. It's so wonderful to be in a calming envirnment when you have to go for any proceedures. My local medical facility is the same way, and I give two thumbs up to the private waiting rooms!
Enjoy the beauty of the season...I love it too!

*Reading Between the Lines* said...

I am soo glad God gives us places of rest.
Loves your moving car photos...been there done that. Forgot to put auto flash on...dark pictures. 8-(
Take care,

Unknown said...

We have to be careful to give God some special time each day and of course He will be waiting to speak to us in ways that make us wonder why we didn't do it sooner. We are so blessed.