Saturday, May 27, 2006

Why I Watch TV

You confess to some people that you watch tv and immediately they throw you a so-very-long huffy spiel about why they do not. And that's ok, only as long as they let me voice my huffy spiel about why I do watch tv.

Hmmm. Perhaps I just realized why I love blogging. For most of my life, people have interrupted me in the middle of my long, wise, eloquent ramblings (heh. I hope you are picking up on the humor in that.) But in keeping a blog, I can, A.) Finish my sentences and B.) Assume that people are reading every finely-crafted word before they comment.  ヅ

So here goes--Why I Watch TV:

1. My own little life, at the moment, is too darn near perfect. And it's far too easy for me, without tv, to enter a type of La-La Land where I, ignorantly, start believing everyone else in the world has a near perfect life also. TV shows me the hurting people 'out there.' I am made aware of unmet needs, of broken homes and violent streets and communities. 

2. And in response of the above, I'm reminded to pray for those trapped inside a darker, bleaker world than my own. And through watching and praying, I'm convicted about where to send my money and encouragement to help.

3. TV shows me human nature, which I, personally, find fascinating. I watch people in crime shows and reality and contest ones and ask myself, "Why are they doing what they are doing?" and then I ask God to help me understand and empathize, not judge and criticize. Through tv, God reminds me if I want to be like Him, I will react in compassion and certainly not derision or contempt.

4. TV shows me where the pulse of the world is currently. I learn the language and thinking-processes of the 21st century, when I'd otherwise be tempted to stay wholly old-fashioned--and rendered obsolete to do much of what God is asking of me.

5. I watch shows where people win things because I love to see people happy. Viewing (nice) comedies and comedians makes me laugh and too, I love to hear audiences laugh, as well. Also I enjoy mystery dramas which make me use my mind.

6. TV challenges me to keep my imagination brushed-off and outside of the same ol' dusty box where I tend to keep it. Through tv I get to travel to countries I'll never see in-person.

7. I watch tv because people are important to God and I love to watch people--and pray for them, actors and others. Every single soul means much to God--and for whatever strange reasons, tv reminds me of that. I love to hear common sense given--then spread it around (and use it), myself.

TV reminds me there is a huge old crazy, hurting, wild-and-varied world out there which I am responsible to pray for and help as God leads--and I am thankful for that reminder.


For the record (and in my defense) I do read books, too. Tons of 'em. 


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