Monday, May 08, 2006

When I Was Ten...

I've heard that what you loved at ten years old, you probably love even as an adult. Well, some of the things, anyway.

Now, before you say, "Phooey!", think about it. I found this to be true for me.

At ten, I liked to write. I started writing a book, one about three animal pals lost in the forest. I got to page 6 and quit, but hey! And well, you can probably guess that I still like to write, even though I took a bunch of years off, like the ones between 25 and 45 (though I've always written letters and poems).

At ten, I enjoyed visiting junk shops with my parents and as all my readers know, I still love to do that, except now I shop with Tom.

At ten, I was enchanted at those above-mentioned junk shops anytime I'd see advertisement art with Victorian women. Oh, that art still thrills me.

At ten, I loved shows like Leave it to Beaver, I Love Lucy and Davey and Goliath (anyone remember that one?). I still enjoy them.

At ten, I loved spaghetti and mashed potatoes better than any other food in the whole world. I still do(unfortunately. heh.).

At ten, I had a great imagination and loved to use it. At 47, I'm relearning to use my imagination. Somewhere along the way it suffered the usual fate of most adults when it became too tame, sensible. 

It's sad to lose your imagination. Maybe that's partly why we freak-out when Change happens--perhaps we're unable to dream-up anything to replace what we have lost. 

At ten, I loved sitting outside, gazing at trees, cloud formations and dreaming away the hours. I still do.

At ten, I felt like Jesus ran around everywhere with me and these past years, that's been returning, also. And maybe that's partly why I feel so much more rejuvenated than I used to.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share the "what did you love at 10?" thing. It is still making me think, still changing my outlook on Life. Maybe we are our most real at ten, perhaps that's right before we're talked out of being real, so ten becomes both a hello and a good-bye. 

I'm not sure. I'm only guessing.

What did you love at 10 that you still love now?


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