Friday, May 12, 2006

Potpourri Post

An Enchanting Blog:

Always I'm searching for charming, well-written, make-you-dream-and-want-to-do-better blogs. About once every three months I start wildly clicking on sidebar after sidebar, traveling deep into Blogland in a desperate search for another magical blog.

Well, two days ago, I found one. Oh my--it's nice! It's like traveling to France anytime you want. It's called Tongue in Cheek. Be sure to check out her photo albums in her sidebar.

Where Oh Where?

Does anyone know what happened to Sarah Lynn at Not Awake Before? The link in my sidebar no longer works. I miss her.

I hate it when bloggers disappear. It's like having a friend suddenly vanish from your life with no explanation. Some people don't look at bloggers and email pals as real people, but they're very real to me. Extremely so.

C.S.I. and LOST:

(Spoiler warning if you didn't see C.S.I. last night.)

Oh my! Tom and I were biting our nails during last night's show because we just knew, before Captain Brass even entered the motel room, that he was going to be the one who would be shot. Man, we really like his character on that show and we're hoping they will not kill him off next week.

Mostly we're getting burned-out on the crime shows, except for perhaps Numb3rs and C.S.I. Miami, yet we did watch C.S.I. last night because of the previews. Anyway, our best wishes for Captain Jim Brass. Heh.

And LOST! What a shocker last week's episode was. Darn that Michael anyway. :)

Do You Feed The Birds In Your Yard?

Way, way back when I was newly married, I lived in a tiny mountain town (pop. 1,100) and washed dishes in a cubbyhole called Birds' Cafe.

Well, now I have my own Birds' Cafe in my backyard with its three bird feeders and two birdbaths. A crowd flies in every morning and afternoon and this week's special on the menu? Lilac Water. Everyone loves it. My lilac 'trees' are in full-bloom and lie, weighed down, into the birdbath next to them, scenting the water both for drinking and for baths. Even the bees lean into the lilac water, sipping deeply, and then fly away a little lilac punch drunk.

I run my Birds' Cafe for many reasons, but here is the most important one:

"Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God." ... Luke 12:6

That's one of those verses which, the more you think about it, the more it blows you away.


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