Monday, May 08, 2006

That Monday Thing

I don't get it. I really don't. Why do so many people hate Mondays?

I mean, I love them. To me, Mondays feel like new beginnings and just think--I get a Monday, a new beginning, every single week. Mondays remind me of all the patterns of my week and how I now get to live them all over again. Patterns like sitting on my front porch, discovering new books on my shelves, watching favorite tv shows, enjoying my morning quiet times, driving around town for errands, sending surprise emails, feeding the backyard birds, spending time with my husband. 

Mondays remind me of those much-enjoyed rituals and I like being reminded of them.

Maybe Mondays remind people that they do not like their lives, that once again, they will have to deal with jobs, people, recipes or ruts they hate. But Mondays can't help that--people can help it, though. People can change how their eyes see and how their attitudes look at things, too.

On one issue of Country Home Magazine was the title, "Live For The Weekend."


Live for only two days out of seven? I don't think so.

That's the kind of thing that brainwashes people, that sets them up to dread a perfectly good day of the week. The kind of idea which convinces them that certain days are good and others, bad. Well, to me, that's like saying God is good on some days and He is bad on others.

Huh. As if!

God is good every single day, whether I am good or not,whether my circumstances are good or not. And whether the weather is good (or not). Whether it's Monday, Wednesday or Saturday. But perhaps we're not living near enough to His heart to know God is always good, always standing beside us waiting to give us a song, a creative idea, a prayer, a happy, hopeful, delicious thought.

Even on Mondays. Especially on Mondays.


Perhaps Haters of Mondays could keep a tablet with a Monday List, a list of good things which happen to them on Mondays. Its pages might turn out pretty shocking! 


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