Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Touched By God

My second season set of Touched By An Angel DVD's arrived this week. Oh my... Can you say, "Debra is clearly overdosing on a tv show"?

Heh... No, but really, it's a good thing. Honest.

Early, early this morning, all bleary eyed with my steaming cup of pretend coffee, I watched another episode and it, once again, reminded me of my own mistakes. It was one of the episodes where Monica tried to forcefully share Truth with someone who wasn't yet ready to hear it. Monica had 'jumped the gun'... run with her impatient feelings... she'd been all hurry-hurry-I-think-this-should-be-done-now-ish.

And it bombed. Her frenzied attempts to help a situation failed because she wasn't cooperating with God's timing. He had not yet prepared the person's heart to hear what Monica had to say and so her words--even though they were right ones--were rejected and the person's heart hardened even more. And basically, Monica had to start all over and the whole thing took more time before the person's heart was softened, pliable and ready to accept Truth.

Can you identify with any of that? I certainly can.

I have had to learn (and relearn) to go only when God tells me to go... say only what He tells me to say and only when He tells me to say it...

... to back-off when He says back-off--and then relax and leave the inner workings of a person's heart to God...

... to trust that mine is not to reason why, but to simply obey and then trust God to do what I could never do in twenty or more years anyway.

And when I do things His way, wow... There is peace instead of struggle, hope instead of worry and results instead of failure. And God gets all the credit because the whole thing was His idea, His plan, His wisdom, His love--so obviously, that everyone involved knows it simply could never have been anything--or anyone--else.

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