Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Little Story of Me

See the word which Debra painted on her back door? It's the word, 'Imagine.' Debra likes to imagine lots of things around her house and she enjoys reminding her guests to imagine things at her house, too, otherwise they will not 'get' what she is trying to create around here.

For instance, Debra likes to imagine that this is a curvy blue stream of water.

She likes to then pretend that the curvy blue stream is leading to this white foamy pool (which looked bluer and garden-show-award-worthy last week. Sorry you missed that. heh.).

And see this porch? On breezy, humid days, Debra likes to imagine she is lounging on the swaying deck of a Caribbean cruise ship while inhaling the moist air. She closes her eyes and almost, she can taste the salt and hear the seagulls.

And see this whatchamacallit? Debra likes to imagine her town's streets are gold mines. She strolled down her neighborhood one afternoon and came across this whatchamacallit on the curb, so she dragged it home, even though it is missing a leg and one of the doors falls off a lot. She hauled it up to her front porch (oh, the things she does to get free stuff!) so that it would keep her books and magazines from getting all summer-faded and dusty.

Debra also imagines that her two Japanese Maple trees in front are not dying and that her back yard is huge, farmlike, and borders a gauzy morning lake.

She imagines lots of things. Life looks prettier and more interesting through imagination-colored glasses.
Trust her. She knows.
The End.


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