Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to mothers who have memorized the blueberry muffin recipe (and to those who buy their muffins from the supermarket).

To those whose toddlers refuse to sleep in their own beds (and to those who stand at windows late at night worrying about their teenager out there in the dark somewhere).

To those whose children appreciated the camping trips and the cozy home and all the little mom-made sacrifices (and to those whose children didn't).

To those who have a loud, crazy and full nest (and to those whose nest is full only of echoes of children now-flown-away).

To those who tried so hard to slow it all down and make it last (and those who wished everyone would hurry and grow-up--and then got their wish).

To mothers everywhere-- Happy Mother's Day as you smile and remember the good times, forgive the bad ones and anticipate the rewarding times yet to come.


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