Saturday, May 06, 2006


So what do you think about women's magazines lately? 

Of course, it depends upon the individual magazines, but to me, they're just not what they used to be. Especially the decorating magazines--what's up with that stream-lined/boring/white/hospital-like look which the majority of the magazines are saying is "In" for our homes?

Well, for my home, it's "Out."

You know how some blogs (and people) tell you what's wrong with this world, yet rarely tell you what's right? I don't want to have a blog like that. I mean, don't we already pretty much recognize when something is disappointing/evil/sinful? I'd rather hear about the alternatives which are good/encouraging/inspiring. I'd rather hear about ways to counteract the darkness.

So along those lines--

Yesterday morning I ventured out to the big city, to Barnes and Noble, and bought the highly-anticipated latest issue of Mary Jane's Farm Magazine. I'd waited over a year for this and like always, it did not disappoint.

Do you remember how Victoria Magazine made you feel as though you'd entered a whole different world? One with afternoons of grace, beauty and peace? Well, Mary Jane's Farm takes you to a land of 1930's-hearted, down-home-folk. To people who are passionate about old-fashioned values and making a sweet, homespun, healthy homelife for their families. To a land where old tools and ways of working are preferred,respected and not just remembered fondly, but still used today.

Mary Jane's Farm introduces me to people I grew-up yearning still existed. And the older I became, the less hope I had for meeting them. Yet there they are--right inside those beautiful pages and at Mary Jane's website, too.

In other words, Mary Jane's Farm is a dream-come-true for me. It's an old-fashioned world I can travel to when this modern one gets on my nerves.

Other magazines which I feel haven't sold-out to blah-ness?:

Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion
Country Almanac
The Good Old Days
And a certain cottage decorating magazine whose title I can't recall...

And sometimes I like:

Romantic Homes
Somerset Studio
Reader's Digest

A couple weeks ago I did glance through a premiere issue of a Christian woman's magazine. Hmm. I was going to remember the title-- and well, of course, I forgot it already... (**Thanks, Laura!** Yes, it was called Lily.) I thought it was done quite well.

I like any magazine which inspires me to live my life better and do all my jobs with excellence, also. I love it when a magazine becomes like a textbook for me so I'll become more skilled at what I do. And well, currently, Mary Jane's Farm does that best.

Speaking of which, I'm off to spend more time in the Mary Jane world of farms, aprons and embroidered pillowcases and home-baked apple pies.

Which magazines do you like?


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