Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A Life Worth Watching

Last night Tom and I finally saw the movie, The Greatest Game Ever Played

Have you ever noticed that, when it comes to biographical films, the most difficult lives make wonderful movies? The best inspirational films are about folks who constantly were chosen last for teams and lonely, ignored or taunted. Never handed anything for free, often discouraged by their parents.

Always, there was something to overcome and what makes their life incredible, is that they overcame--conquered--what had threatened to yank them under and crush them.

The lives of conquerors are the most inspiring. 

There's a Bible verse we all know:

"No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us." ... Romans 8:37

Something funny? We all want to be conquerors, but we don't want to actually have to conquer anything. 

Conquering can get messy, downright uncomfortable and challenging.

Many bloggers have spouses living with chronic pain-- I have one of those, too. In fact, this morning I'll travel with him for one of his quarterly pain injections for his back. The wait is usually three hours so I'm thankful they put in a tiny coffee shop in the hall two years ago. I take my canvas bag of books and magazines and wish for more light in that hall while I sip my coffee and try to read with these 46-year-old eyes. 

In good weather? I escape out to our car where the sun enables me to read easily. But the best part? These waiting times become dates with God, quiet times in a public places.

Anyway, what I'm hoping to convey by this post?  A reminder that the most hope-filled, inspiring lives are those in which someone has huge trials to overcome. Lives where joy, faith and love are tested on a regular basis, but still, they keep moving forward. Getting out of bed.

And may we remember people are watching, God also, and He's constantly there to pick us up those times when we can't lift ourselves.


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