Monday, December 22, 2014

The December Fight

"... seek peace and pursue it."   ... Psalm 34:14


Oh for goodness sake.

Every December it seems like Tom and I have an argument. Oh, not long, drawn-out ones (we've been married too long for those), but ones not unlike this year's:

Debra (for the 20th time since we moved here): "I really want two skylights put in upstairs."

Tom (for the 20th time since we moved here): "How about adding a shed dormer instead?"

Debra: "Why? That is waaay more expensive. Why do you always disagree with what I suggest?"

Tom: "You always disagree with what I suggest."

Debra: "Why can't you be the bigger person and change?"

Tom: "Why can't you?"

Gah. And of course, I won't tell you how the word 'stupid' was thrown around quite freely nor how I slammed the refrigerator door then stomped (loudly) upstairs, marking the end to our otherwise pleasant day of watching tv together. 

Yeah, I won't mention that part.

There's just something about December. Some type of weird stress in the air that drapes over people, I think, even calm folks like us who don't even really 'do' Christmas anymore. And every year I try to be more careful to avoid anything which would unnecessarily cause The Ghost of Christmas Stress to seep into our house.

But every year, he seems to sneak inside anyway, at least once. Thus, one more reason I do not, (ol' Scrooge, herself), believe that Christmas is the most wonderful time of year. (Though as some of you know, I'm very fond of December 26th. heh.)

Anyway. Tom and I are fine. The next day I told him, "I need some things done around here and I'm going to save you the trouble of lining up workers to do them. Your mind is on your job, I think that's great, actually, so I'm going to make things easier on you and see about this stuff, myself. You'll love it when it's all done. I promise."

And we left it peacefully at that. 

Why share this stuff? Well, to remind you that if you, also, get visited by The Ghost of Christmas Stress, you're not alone. And that, just because he came, it doesn't mean he must stay or make you feel condemned and guilty for weeks. 

Just keep desiring the greater things like Peace, Love and Grace more than being right, bossy and the winner and then soon that ol' ghost will seep back out under the front door and, hopefully, not return till next year.

Or, (crossing my fingers), not even then.


"If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone."... Romans 12:18


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Pam said...

We will have the kids home this week, plus they're bringing two large dogs. I know it might get crazy, but I've asked God to send Grace, and she's already arrived ahead of the kids! When are the skylights being installed? All that natural light will be wonderful.