Monday, December 08, 2014

Places For You to Go

Just some fun (you remember fun, right?) today after yesterday's bordering-on-grinchy post (where I didn't even finish my long list about why Christmas is not my personal 'most wonderful time of the year'). But today I shall move on ....

You must see this. Though I no longer decorate for Christmas, if I did, I'd do it exactly as my pal, Judy, did here:

Oh, the enchantment! The (good) magic. The way it's neatly confined, under control, behind glass and beautiful. I'd even love to keep something like that up year-around(!), being the odd, reaching-Eccentric-City-soon person that I am. 

(Don't you, also, love what Judy hath wrought?)


Need a free 2015 calendar? Last year I'd print out a new page here each month for our refrigerator (for some odd reason, the December page printed small. The others were fine, full size.)

I liked this idea because there was still plenty of room on the bottom of each month's page for notes. And of course, because it was free.


Oh, my fellow retro house lovers mustn't miss this: Untouched Eichler From 1950 Lists for 1.35M in Palo Alto.

Holy Time Capsule, Batman!  :)


And wow. Look what zapped me on our local real estate pages. Located just a few streets down from us, it's a magical fixer-upper (mighty emphasis on the 'fixer-upper' part, I know). But oh, the darn thing stole my heart, especially with its $59,900 price tag:

That circle of trees reminds me of a fairy ring...
Note the orange carpet and curtains and the yellows and oranges, above.  :)

What it whispers to me? "I used to be cherished by the sweetest couple, but they grew old and couldn't keep up with me."

This is the type of house that we often walk through during estate sales. I pay little attention to the trinkets being sold, but rather, I steep in the atmosphere, feeling enchanted, trying to guess which year the decorating stopped. That is my favorite past-time. 

Giddy, giddy sigh.


His house was perfect, whether you liked food, or sleep, or work, or story-telling, or singing, or just sitting and thinking, best, or a pleasant mixture of them all.


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Elizabeth said...

Oh Debra, I do the same thing at Estate sales, reading that you do that made me smile! I knew we were a lot a like. I also wanted to just put up a table top tree this year but my Grandaughter would not hear of that so yesterday she helped me put up the 7 ft tree!

Debra said...

Oh Elizabeth--we *are* much alike and I'm not the least bit surprised that you walk through estate sales the same way I do! :)

Here's a very old post of mine which you might like. It's all about how I feel when stepping through these estate sale houses:

Thanks for commenting! Blessings, Debra