Sunday, June 03, 2012

When You're The Best Thing Since Peanut Butter...

"You cannot be a good leader if you are uncomfortable with the 
discomfort of others."  ... copied


So I've been writing in this blog for nearly 8 years and I've noticed a weird pattern. Each year, or so, someone new will come along and tell me I'm great. That they're so excited to find my wonderful blog and this is what they've been looking for and aren't I just the best thing since peanut butter?

Well, ok ... they don't mention the peanut butter thing, but to listen to them the first few weeks that they're here, you'd think that's what they meant.  :)

Those people makes me nervous. Cautious. Wary.

Why? Because I now know from experience that--most likely--they will eventually get mad at something I write. Or something I don't write. Or the way I wrote it or didn't write it. Or the way they thought I was negatively writing about them. Or they'll believe my blog just isn't be 'enough' for them anymore. That I'm not enough anymore. Or --

Well, you get the picture.

So then they'll leave for a year, or longer, and sometimes they leave forever. But other times? Other times some of those people have eventually written me an email which always sounds familiar, an email which makes me giggle with delight. 

And the words always resemble these:

"Dear Debra... I used to read your blog all the time, but then you wrote some things which made me, well, hate you. So I stopped reading your blog, even though in my heart, I knew you were right. I just didn't want to hear those things then. I wasn't ready to hear them. But I am now. So I'm back. And well, thank-you for telling the truth."

Maybe it's the quirky part of me, but I love those kinds of emails. Even the part where they say they hated me. Those emails always remind me to just keep doing what God's called me to do, even if it offends some of my favorite people. Even if my blog meter seems to take big dips, snickering, "People are running from this place, Sucker."). (That meter goes up and down so often, that I barely check it anymore.)

And those emails remind me that I'm not here to please all the 'Peanut Butter People' all the time, but rather, I'm to obey God by trying to record what He's teaching me. To let His vote be the deciding one. To be faithful and responsible with the gifts He's given me, the ones I'll give an account for some day before Him. (Did I use those gifts? Did I seek ways to use them better? Did I waste them?). To believe God will bring the right people here who need what He wants to share through me.

And to be simply happy just doing what He asks me to do.


And since I'm here to spread encouragement and hope, here's one form of that: more of my latest, greatest coupon deals!  :)

The frozen meatballs were just .49 cents each.
The frozen sausages (which I buy very occasionally, not being a nitrate fan) were just .50 cents each.
The spreadable butter was .50 cents.
The 3 lb's of butter were $1.49 each (regularly a ridiculous $4.29 each).
The All detergent was .49 cents.
The shampoo was free.
The bathroom tissue was free.
The ketchup was .30 cents (I bought two).
The mustard was .40 cents.

Plus, with this trip I earned an extra 20 cents off of each gallon of gas so-- when Tom fills up the tank today--he'll save 60 cents off of each gallon.

The .49 cent detergent was thanks to a $1-off manufacturer coupon combined with a store coupon (or catalina as they're called), you know, the ones which the register spits out when you're buying groceries and which you use later. Those store coupons can be combined with manufacturer coupons, in case you didn't realize that. At least, at the vast majority of stores.

And two other store (catalina) coupons totally covered the cost of the shampoo and the bathroom tissue. In fact, I may have even earned 50 cents by buying the shampoo.

So there you go. More hope for you that groceries do not have to take away a huge portion of your paycheck, nor do you have to do without just because prices are skyrocketing.


"Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?"  ... Galations 4:16

In the same way, let your light shine before others so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in Heaven. ... Matthew 5:16

"As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God's varied grace: whoever speaks, as one who speaks oracles of God; whoever serves, as one who serves by the strength that God supplies—in order that in everything God may be glorified through Jesus Christ."  1 Peter 4:10-11



Sara said...

You go girl! You can be assured I'm visiting over the cyber picket fence daily. I do appreciate your coupon lessons as well. I'm not so good at couponing but I'm finding myself more and more interested in shaving off dollars and cents as I want to be able to retire on my own terms when I'm ready to do so. Consider yourself my peanut butter buddy!

Judy said...

I simply cannot believe that there are still people who pay full price for anything.
Count me in as someone who loves you and your blog, whether or not I agree with you.

Pat said...

Pass the peanut butter, I'm in! It's a great compliment to have people come back and say they are now ready for instruction.
I was a big coupon person, got lazy and got away from it. I really need to start up again because the prices just keep going up, but the income stays the same!

Anonymous said...

I live in Southern Calif. 60 miles north of Los Angeles. I believe Bonnie said she was 40 miles E. of L.A. so count two of us from S. Calif!!...!! Not exactly in your neighborhood but it feels like we are neighbors. Like neighbors used to be. Looking out for each other and there for each other etc. I am glad still that you do what you feel is right in the sight of God. That you also use the talents He gave you. I also believe you feel we should do the same. It is a two way street. We cannot come here and just read what you say and close the computer and just go about our life forgetting what we read. I find so many many times you hit on things from a different angle than I may have seen it. It will make me rethink things and read my Bible for understanding. I will grow and change and learn daily if I let myself. I had a preacher once ask if we got a letter from a boyfriend would we open it and read it or just sit it on the table and never open it? Well the Bible he said is like a love letter from God. Why aren't we opening it? That stuck in my mind forever. Many of the thoughts you have expressed through the years have 'stuck' with me like that too. I find myself remembering parts of your posts when I need them. Much like we do Bible verses. Sometimes those posts chide me when I am being selfish or judgmental. Other times they come to me as gentle reminders of God's love for us. I don't know how to write like you do so beautifully and wisely Debra but I just want you to know your writings have meant so very much to me over the years. I have also sent links to many of the posts to others I hoped would love reading them. Since you never hid your light under a bushel I can do this. that in itself is a testimony of how God has affected your life. You state you are an introvert...yet you open your heart to us here with boldness. Thank you again. Sarah

Beth said...

Your post made me stop and think. I have been reading your blog on an almost daily basis for several years, but I rarely comment. I usually read on my mobile app and posting a comment is very laborious and tedious on that old thing. But perhaps I am rude in not commenting? I apologize for that.

That said, I can't imagine someone would be so critical of your postings. I may not always agree with you (but I usually do, I think we are of the same mind, you just write so much more eloquently than I), but I view your blog as YOUR blog and thoughts. As long as a blogger is not hateful towards anyone (I cannot even imagine you doing that), I feel that person can post his/her opinions in freedom. I appreciate reading your ponderings. Thanks for sharing them.

Bonnie said...

Ohhhh....if I had a blog I don't think I'd *ever* check the meter. Too risky! lol. It would be like weighing myself everyday. Too much.

I'm not surprised that people come and go, but I'm always disappointed when people get all honest and tell the blogger that they're going to stop reading because they don't like the blog. had to click to get to the site. Just don't read! I'll never understand people. I think it must have something to do with what I call the Jerry Springer tell-everything syndrome. Sometimes I wish people would just keep some shred of mystery about what they're thinking! lol.

Anyway, great post, Debra.

Robin in New Jersey said...

Hi Debra!

Just wanted to say HI! :)