Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sometimes A Book is a Book is a Book...

Well. I take back every goofy, judgmental, biased word I ever said about Kindle. You know, about how we true bibliophiles prefer our real books, the feel and smell of the pages in our hot little hands.... blah, blah, blah.

Why? Because I am in love with my simple, limited-in-lots-of-ways Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader.

Gracious, after just a few days with that thing, I already have 103 free books on it! To me, that's like walking into a Barnes and Noble and being told that--if you search the shelves thoroughly--you'll find lots of free books, yours for the lugging away. But try finding space for 103 new books upon my shelves at home? No could do! Another wonderful thing about the Kindle--all those books stay inside my computer.

And well, I don't care what kind of a book lover you consider yourself--who doesn't love free books?

Anyway, Tom actually gets today off(!) so I'm going with him over to our previous suburb town where I'll shop Salvation Army while he gets his teeth cleaned. Maybe I'll discover some good old books there! But even if I don't, my 103 free books will be home waiting for me and God knows how grateful I am for that.


Remember how I said I wouldn't post anymore of my free ebook titles? I lied. Here are some more:

From Your Heart to Your Home by Reda Johnson
Past Suspicion (Christian Romantic Suspence) by Therese Heckencamp
The Little Sleep Book That Works by Seth Smith
South To Alaska: A True Story by Nancy Owens Barnes
Write For The Fight (A Collection of Seasonal Essays) by Tess Hardwick and Tracy M. Hansen
The Breakfast Taco Book by Hilah Johnson
Weekend Homesteader: December by Anna Hess
Redecorating Your Home on a Budget by Angela Russ
Top 30 Vegetarian Slow-Cooker Recipes For Busy Woman by Sarah Jessica Cook
Two Scoops of Grace With Chuckles on Top by Jeanette Levellie
No, Never Alone: "I Promised" by Aleda Marshall
Say Good-Bye to Chaos: Organize Your Life by Edward V. Lewis
How to Compost by Lars Hundley



Rita said...

Remember to back them up on something besides your hard drive just in case you would lose your computer you would not lose your books. Best to you today. :)

Echoes From the Hill said...

My daughter's gave me a Kindle for Christmas. I didn't think I'd ever want one, but I love it! I also download free books. Haven't paid for one yet. I was thrilled to discover that Amazon has the old classics free.

Dolores said...

I have a Kindle Fire and I love it, but, on a cold, blustery night I'm going to want to snuggle up with my hot chocolate and a real book. P.S. I have also downloaded several of the same books you did. Dolores

Anonymous said...

So far no e-reader here. Maybe someday. With all your recommendations from dye hard real book lovers I am rethinking...yes perhaps someday. Did ya find any books at the Salvation Army Debra? :) Sarah