Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Remembering. With Gratitude.

So yesterday I kinda cheated and drove over to our new park, instead of walking there. But I have my excuses. I'd just been to Dollar Tree (yes, again) and our supermarket where, before I left, I bought a cup of decaf so to take with me to the aforementioned park. I'd planned to buy a decorating magazine as well, but at $9 a shot? Uh, no way. (My,my ... magazine prices certainly soared while Tom was laid-off!). Instead, I decided to just look through my 'emergency magazines' beneath the passenger seat of our car. Always be prepared and all that.

Anyway. While I sat in the car at the park, looking out over the water, I got to thinking about Nik Wallenda and his impending walk over Niagara Falls on Friday, the 15th. It's been huge news for weeks here, but you've probably not heard a thing about it. For months he's refused to even consider wearing a safety harness (you know how those Wallenda's are...), but since some sponsors say they won't give him a penny unless he does, well, now he's considering it. 

Daily he practices in the parking lot of the casino there in Niagara Falls, the city, not too far from us, twice a day, in fact, and the public is invited to bring a chair and watch. Tom and I have been meaning to go watch Nik practice, at least once, if only for something new to write about in this blog.

Er hem....

So anyway, there I was sitting in the car, window opened for the cool breeze, praying that Mr. Wallenda will, indeed, use a harness over those windy, wet waterfalls. I get nervous when I think about him going without one, for I  remember exactly where I was when I saw, on the nightly news, the film of his great-grandfather's fatal fall from the wire that day back in 1978. 

Where was I? 

In Riverside, California, spending four of my college spring break days house-sitting for my pastor and his wife, a couple I'd known since I was 6. They'd recently moved to Riverside to a beautiful house way up on the top of a wooded canyon where, beyond the hills and brush, Riverside laid sprawled as far as the eye could see. Oh, the lights at night (!) and what luxury for me were those four days. I'd been absolutely hating my college experience (long story), especially being constantly surrounded by hundreds of young adults, many of whom, Christian though they were, were the biggest gossipers I'd ever known. Ack, the loud music, the back-biting, the teen angst tears and the seldom being alone-- everything which flew against who I was.

But then came the invitation to house-sit way up on a hillside at this heavenly place! Quiet, silent days where I slept-in, basked in the breezes and sunshine on a chaise lounge chair at the canyon's edge, where I spoke to no one and just healed. And dreamed about going back home to the mountain town where I'd been out-of-my-head happy the previous year.

Those were four days of complete bliss. And now 34 years later, more than ever, I see that time as yet one more special gift from God's own hand, something He knew I needed so badly, something He gave me out of love.

There are many such surprise, much-needed gifts from Him which He gives to each of us and may we always recognize when He's been there, when He stood right beside us, to deliver each one.

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows".  ...  James 1:17


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Anonymous said...

This may be a bit off the wall but I have a thing for bird feathers, discarded wasp nests, rocks and other nature paraphernalia. Even though we feed the birds and have humming bird feeders I seldom see feathers. I have a big wreath I put feathers I do find in as well as a bird nest etc. Over the years the grandchildren have found many for me. Anyway... as I said seldom do I see any around our yard. Yet usually when I am feeling down I find a feather where I would least expect it but oh so placed so I do. Today one pretty feather was stuck in the buckle of the sandals I left on the patio. When I went to slip my foot in I saw it. Such a delicate did it get entangled in that buckle and not get mangled?? :) They always seem to me a reminder that God is here and he is a part of our lives and does know the desires of our hearts... Such a simple thing. My special gift to know that He has been there... Sarah

Anonymous said...

We were in Riverside three days ago. It sure is a pretty town full of history.
You are right. I know I haven't heard of the impending walk over Niagara Falls by Nik Wallenda. I don't know if I could watch him go across. That is one scary walk. His family has always been so daring. ..and talented.
Wow I know! Magazines cost as much as books do at times! By the way, I have been getting magazines at Sam's club or Costco as they have 30% discount. They change the magazine selection often. Sam's has more than Costco. If you don't have a card maybe a friend does. Also put any magazine you get at Target under their price check machine. When I did this the other day one of them was priced on it at half off and it rang up like that too. I commented on it to the cashier and she said some of of them are discounted. Perhaps ask when you yard sale...I bet some of the people have magazines inside they never thought to sell. Some bloggers say their libraries sell magazines they don't want. Sarah.. again

Yellowhouse Grandma said...

I have bought lots of wonderful magazines at a local library for 10 cents if from prior years and 25 cents from this year. Linda