Monday, June 25, 2012

Weight, Truth And Freedom

"Then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free."  ... John 8:32

Ack! Something weird is happening. See the part of that mirror, below? 

Each time before I go out into the world, I stand before that mirror and I look, well, decent. Not thin (no way!), but tucked-in the right places, tailored and, well, again, decent enough to make me feel presentable. Not great, but ok.

Well. On Saturday, I drove to our local Target, pushed my cart along the aisles then stopped in front of a full-length mirror and --and -- (sniff, sniff)--and-- I looked like a balloon! A roly-poly, dressed-in-black-but-it-ain't-helping, balloon.


Immediately I told myself, "You need to go home and not eat. And not come out of the house till you lose ten pounds." (Yeah, right....). "No more bread. Only an occasional dessert," (rather than, er, daily ones). "More exercise and water and a stronger determination to stay away from that dreaded, craving-inducing high-fructose corn syrup." 

Say what you will, but I know HFCS is a huge reason (along with stress and inactivity) why our Country is filled with big, heavy waddlers like myself. How do I know? Because I'm 53 years old and I remember being 10 and every family I knew lived for jello, cokes, ice cream, candy bars, cakes, pudding, pies and cookies--and back in those days--they contained sugar, not HFCS. And how did people look back then? Normal, the way people should. Only sometimes in school or church or in your neighborhood would there be a child or a family who was 'heavyset' (I hate the 'fat' word and refuse to use it). I've read literature from both sides (so please don't try to convince me otherwise) and find the HFCS supporters inadequately unable to defend their positions. (I mean, just look at many of us now!)

Er, anyway..................

 Then I thought, "Well, at least I have a polite mirror at home which makes me look much trimmer than I do in Real Life. That's something, at least!"

But is that a good thing? Is a lying  mirror which makes me appear slim at home actually doing me a favor? I think not.

Since 1994 (especially) it's been the Truth which has set me free. And trust me, I've had to face a whole lot of truth about myself. I had to see and admit that I'd been stubborn (and not the good kind that keeps you from giving-up, either) and tactless (with a dreadful tone of voice) and fearfully-and-pridefully shy with lots of selfish ambition and --- well, I'll spare you the rest. Anyway, only by letting Jesus show me those areas, confessing they were true, repenting for them and then allowing Him to change me--only then--did I know what an amazing life of freedom looked and felt like.

And I guess that's why I have a hard time hearing people advise, "Just sit and listen to people. Pat them on the back. Tell them, "Hang in there and just keep doing what you're doing." (Did Jesus ever do that?) Especially if what they're doing is what led them to their current mess(!), for oh! that's so difficult for me to do. Or understand. 

No, freedom comes from facing truth about ourselves and letting that truth lead us right back to the only One who can set and keep us free. Someone who, all the while, will love us unconditionally even before our freedom, right in the middle of our self-made disasters, no taunting or ridiculing, ever (but He will ask us to do some hard stuff. I know.) 

And since He's not condemning me, I need not condemn myself.

And this Jesus is the same One who loves me even with all this winter weight I'm carrying around... and He'll be my greatest advisor, cheerleader  and friend during the losing of that weight. Thank-goodness. I'd be so sunk without Him.


"It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery."  ... Galations 5:1


Saw this on a refrigerator decades ago and never forgot it:  it was a magnet of a sheep with the words, "Ewe's not fat, ewe's fluffy."

Loved that. It's become a family joke amongst Tom and myself. :)


Aww... If you enjoy reunions, you'll like this short video about 2 sisters reunited after 8 decades.



Anonymous said...

Yes I am 12 years older than you and know of one over-weight and one girl all my school years. {+ one heavy-set Uncle and one Aunt :) } You are so right..we all had pop cycles from the Good Humor man and our ice cream floats etc. And apple pie is well,.. down right America! We also walked a lot more too...least in my town. My mirror does not distort. It tells me straight out I need to loose weight! :) I agree about HFCS. Even though HFSC is a factor I really do personally eat too many sweets. Maybe it sets me up to want more but...well somewhere along the way I have to abstain. Now to fool us into not thinking we are over-weight they resize the clothes. On those ads where the women say they were a size 14 and now are a 6 .. That 14 used to be a say 24 and that 6 used to be a 12. Who is fooling who? :) :) Sarah

Echoes From the Hill said...

Too much junk food and too much inactivity is creating an obesity problem in this country.

Kids seem to spend too much time in front of a computer, iPhone, iPad, TV, etc. To be honest, so do we adults.

When I was a kid, we left in the morning, came home for dinner and came home before dark. We rode bikes or walked everywhere, and played ball with the neighborhood kids.

My high school had mandatory PE every day for four years, which included 20 minutes of calisthenics and then 35 more minutes of running, basketball, and other strenuous movement. Times have certainly changed, and so have our bodies.

I really believe both high fructose corn syrup and sugar are addictive. The only way I can lose weight is to give them up and eat fruit instead. I did that in January, and lost 15 pounds without much trouble. After a couple of weeks, the craving seems to subside.

K.E. said...

What if the mirror in Target is the liar? :)

Debra said...

Thanks, Everyone! I always enjoy reading your thoughts and lessons and experiences--always!

And Kim... heh... I should have added that a couple days later I went to a different store and in their bathroom mirror I also looked like a balloon. :) (But thanks for trying to encourage me as you always do!)

Thanks again! Blessings, Debra

Anonymous said...

Saw part of an article a couple days ago on HFCS!! Clear back in 1906 the head of the FDA told that it was very dangerous. EVERY SINGLE ANIMAL it was tested on got diabetes!! And yep, both hubby and I have diabetes now in our early 60's. Yes, we have not eaten wisely enough and we are too fat. But I cannot help but wonder if this was in some way connected. Think of all the Karo Corn Syrup we ate on our pancakes growing up...we ate that (or on waffles) at least once a week!! We had that way more often than maple syrup!!

Anonymous said...

Boy,.. I remember the life Echo from the Hill does too. We never stayed still it seemed. Even up to bedtime in summer we were out side playing under the street lamp hide and seek and such till our Parents called from our front porches and told us to come home and get ready for bed. There was never any time to be bored...we were always moving and doing. :) Bet you were too. The lives in shows like Leave it to Beaver and Donna Reed etc seemed natural to us. Have you noticed that the kids in old shows and movies say they are 13 or 15 and you look at them and the way they are innocent and dressed you would think they were todays 8 year old or such. We looked more like kids back then. I love my computer but don't wish to have technology at my fingertips 24/7 like so many do anymore. We need to use our own brain and legs more..please! And actually talk face to face with other humans!!!! :) Ya know it isn't even funny to me is worrisome. :( Sarah