Thursday, June 14, 2012

Getting It Right This Time

So early one morning last week I drove to my (magical) supermarket and while I pushed my cart down the first aisle I smiled really big at a middle-aged man who worked there. He smiled back at me then I continued down the aisle and oh! I had a serendipity.

I recalled the times when, back during my depressing Nevada Years, I'd drive to the supermarket specifically with the hope that someone there would smile at me. I'd wait at home for anyone to come and cheer me up, but they never came so--since smiles were what I craved and believed I needed or hello's or any kind words to temporarily yank me out of my depression--I'd head out for a kindness-at-the-supermarket fix. Often.

Oh wow. How far our huge God has brought me.

All these 23 years later I've learned there's way more healing power when I smile at other people, first. When I seek out those who are unhappy and then initiate a hello of my own. When I give a compliment or help pick-up spilled oranges or aid someone in spying that one certain box of cereal they need amongst the hundreds there.

For always this will be true: It is in giving that we receive. The longest-lasting, most eternal life-giving stuff, anyway.

" Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered."  ... Proverbs 11:25

The life I now lead, the life I now experience on the inside? So vastly different from that Nevada Debra that, really, there's no comparison. That old Debra is--mostly--just a sad memory.

And this one simple sentence describes the main difference: 

I've learned to receive most of what I need from God and to give away most of what He gives me to other people.

Live that way and you'll never be the same, either. I guarantee it.


Bonnie asked what I think about paperwork (keeping it organized, etc.) and let's just say I consider it the bane of my existence. heh. Seems no matter how organized I try to be, way too often the one paper I need at the time will be the only one not with the others. Gah.

She also asked how the Nik Wallenda/Niagara Falls thing is going, and well, it was all anybody was talking about until the tragedy at ECMC yesterday morning. What a sad, sad thing for our community and I'm praying for the family of the woman who died. She was just one year older than our Naomi and I can't even imagine what her family is going through....

But the tightrope walk is still the Biggest Deal and everybody everywhere you go or look (as in, tv) is still all hyper about it.  (I'm just praying he'll use a safety harness. sigh.)


Give and it shall be given unto you.... bear one another's burdens... we shall reap what we sow ..... it is more blessed to give than to receive... be rich in good works and be generous and share...


Last week Vista Print had another of their pay-only-shipping promotions so I ordered these address labels. They arrived in only a day and a half and I love the way they turned out!



Anonymous said...

I agree. I will admit that once in a while I think it would be nice to have someone greet or smile at me first [or sometimes at all] when I am out and about....but when I heed the little push to do it to others I receive such fun from it it is such a gooood feeling... To see that look of surprise, or see those blank eyes now shine, or that walk now has less see those smiles,.. oh,.. who couldn't do it! ? It is so easy to just say a sincere hello or to find something to help someone with or comment to or compliment. I don't go in with any set thought...I feel led to this or that person. I pray. It seems all so magical . So easy too. Yet ohhhhh so rewarding. Sarah

Bonnie said...

What a tragic shooting. Lives changed forever. I'm so sorry that evil took over on this day so close to home Debra.

Okay on the Wallenda dad just told me on skype that it's tomorrow and being televised live. Wow. That thought process is so foreign to me.

You know, as far as reaching out to others, it's just a nicer way to go through life, isn't it. I think a kind word and a genuine smile and eye contact is the least we can do for our fellow be a fragrance, not an odor. It used to be common courtesy. *shrug*