Saturday, June 09, 2012

Tiny Gifts of The Day

So because Tom has to work 6 hours each on two of his days off (well, he volunteered so he could get extra training), we were unable to attend the most perfect kind of outing for which we've been watching the papers for months (years?). All in one place (a place just a tad too far to drive since Tom had to work at 1:00) there was a classic car show, a flea market, a chiavetta chicken barbeque, a female singer, plus, the supposed best Elvis impersonator on the planet. No entrance fee. There were also bounce houses, but Tom and I get tipsy in those. heh.

Darn. We had to miss all that fun.

So, well, anyway... we just went, instead, to (surprise, surprise) local yard sales. But you know? God placed such sweet things for us at those sales that I'm not going to complain. I'd rather just show you some pictures:

This adorable tiny bench was originally $5, but Tom talked them down to $3. I had to tease about how easy it is for him to get great deals, what with the way he goes walking into the sale with his two little canes and his pronounced limp, his 5' 3" frame and his sweet face. Only the tough cookies ever come back at him with a higher price. :)

Tom bought this for me for $2. And when I said I wasn't sure if I had room for it inside the house he said, "How about outside?" Great idea! Perfect for the side yard, as were these:

The (heavy!) sunflower dish was $2 and the adorable little bird bowl was just .25 cents. Here's a close-up so you can better see its cuteness:

So there you go. More cheap treasures, ones which will stay outside of the house and will most likely stay with the house/yard when we move away someday. Really, I've got this thing about clutter, as in, not wanting to move away with any next time. :)



Anonymous said...

Wow! Tom has been working some crazy long hours!! It is a wonder he has any energy left to go out with you! :-) I have had things in the house I wanted to give away and my husband asked if I had a place that needed it in the yards. He said it is ours already so use it any way we want! So several things that could stand the weather are out there and look so nice. I like to see fun things out there too. Is the car show and extra attractions a yearly event? If it is put it as a ? on your calendar for next year! I am glad you two had such a nice Saturday. Sarah

Rosemary said...

Always enjoy seeing the little treasures you bring home...

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

These are wonderful! What treasures for your garden, Debra!