Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Gratitude Walk

Just returned from a Gratitude Walk around my house this morning, heart so full of contentment that it nearly burst and I had to raise my hands to release a bit to the skies.

Here is some of what I found today:

Christian radio playing in the kitchen downstairs, retro 1940's music wafting, upstairs.
The way God melted this shy, selfish little woman and made her bold. And kind.
Yard sales, treasures found and the sweet people we meet there.
Discovering ground beef in the freezer so I can make chili after all.
The way God provided wildly while Tom had no job and the way He still provides now.
A front porch with peaks of a huge river.
Friends, relatives still alive. The ones with whom I'll someday walk around Heaven.
Books spilling from my shelves.
Learning to control my emotions rather than letting them control me.
Joyce Meyer. NCIS. American Pickers. Early Edition.
Facebook. Email. Dear friends I've never met in-person.
Baby Rowan released from pain, newly in Heaven, being wonderfully doted-upon there by child-adoring women gone before us.
A God who does all things well, including comforting the deepest hurts.
Knowing my gifts/callings since I was 14 and not wasting them.
Farm fantasies fulfilled, appreciated, then moved beyond.
A sweet husband and daughter who delight me.
Wanting more of God rather than more stuff.
Facial make-up. Thank-goodness for make-up! :)
Hobbit Cottage. All ours.
Fulfilling nearly every true, ok-with-God dream I've ever had.
Nineteen years in lovely, old-fashioned Western New York.
Two fun cats who keep me company.
Rain last night falling upon my new garden.

And again, Jesus. First, last and in-between there's Jesus. 



Lori Alexander said...

Another great post. Your post will come out on my blog Saturday evening. Just wanted to give you a heads up! ;)

Sara said...

Jesus indeed. Praise from whom all blessings flow, praise him you creatures here below! Even on days washed with tears, there is so much to thank him for.