Friday, June 08, 2012

Busy With Good Things

Still here!

I've just got all these projects going, my favorite one being our side yard, above. Lots of my shopping time and working time and energy have playfully gone into this part of our yard. I've had to start from scratch, with only the rose bush there, but at least I'm making the beds the easy way, learned a couple years ago from Jenna . Just place sheets of newspaper on top of the lawn, add some homemade compost (even if it's still in the grass-from-the-mower-bag stage) then top with whatever mixture of soil you want, such as topsoil, manure, potting soil, moss, etc.. Stir it up with your spade (remember my sit-down-gardening technique?) and you're done! Well, you will be done after you add your plants and garden decor. So much easier than trying to break through all that hard sod! (The ground against our house was so ancient, it had turned to dust and now there's something so satisfying about replenishing it with good, healthy soil.)

Another of my projects is to better prepare ourselves should Tom be laid-off again or should he decide he can no longer do this type of work. The first time caught us only mildly prepared and, well, thank-goodness God is so merciful! He took amazing care of us during those 20 months. But for next time? Next time I wish to not make Him work so hard on our behalf. :)  So I'm replenishing my stock-up cupboards, replacing worn-out clothing, towels, linens (etc.) and socking money away into savings. All things which, when Tom was first laid-off, I regretted not having done on a far more responsible, conscientious level.

Now there's a project which should keep me busy awhile.

And you know? While becoming quite the little Sally Shopper lately, I've noticed I'm bringing home no clutter. Well, besides books, but then, I can always easily take a box of those to Salvation Army, especially with a big ol' bin less than half a block away. But mostly? Mostly I'm buying things for the yard which will stay with the yard when we move and I'm tossing the worn-out things away as I bring in their replacements. After our huge sale at the farm and just trying to unload The House Which Could Not Be Unloaded, well, it all scared some sense into me. I'm thinking forever.




Sara said...

Your side yard is looking so sweet! And what a smart gardening tip, which I shall be trying as soon as I'm back out in the yard. We're looking at our finances too. While we've enjoyed some indulgences, it's time to pull the reins back and use some sensibility. :)

Tracy said...

Your side yard looks lovely, Debra! I'd love to hear more about your preparations in the event of a future lay-off if you care to share. :)

Bonnie said...

It's beautiful, Debra. Gardening is good for the soul. It's my favorite pastime and the result lasts soooo much longer than any housework I do. : ) I always gardened with my kids when they were little. Too soon to know if any of it has rubbed off on them in their adulthood, but I hope so. At least the experience at the time was valuable, if nothing else. Glad your weather is so nice.

Beth said...

I can sooooo relate to the saving-for-emergency mindset. If it hadn't been for the money we were able to put away for an emergency fund literally weeks before we would need it, last year would have been a financial disaster in addition to being such an emotional/physical mess. My husband was off on medical leave for more than 7 months and the lack of income AND the medical bills would have ruined us. Thankfully we had just enough to last us until he returned to work. Now we are socking away little by little. It's interesting to look back and see how God provided for us in just exactly the right time and in just exactly the right amount. No less. He took care of us. And He took care of you too! Praise Jesus!

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

I love looking at your side yard, Debra. It's so charming and friendly feeling. I think you and Tom were led to a wonderful place to live.

Anonymous said...

A while ago I needed sheets and some towels etc and couldn't believe my eyes when I found brand new sets in our colors at the used store! God knew I would find them though..
We hadn't gotten towels for years and when we went to the regular store we found they had super sized them since we last bought any!!! Wow!!! I don't like the bigger size. We never get a towel that wet to need such big ones and they are even too large for the towel rack!! I line dry everything but if I was to use the dryer these heavy big towels must take an extra long time to dry!! :) Do they make them so big thinking when they get old we will use them for beach towels ?? :) :)
I have been having a lot of leg and hip problems for months but God blessed me big time when last night the pain subsided at least half and I could walk and move so much easier. It was a total blessing. No way around it. I even went to sleep and slept pretty good without a pain pill. Today I tackled an extra big job in my side yard. I have vines on the fence. I cannot say I am pain free but it is wonderful!!!!! So I am feeling your joy at working in your side yard and getting things beautiful.
When hubby worked he was forever having layoffs and slow times at his work and we learned to keep a pantry of sale food always. Plus of course cash etc. Now we still do but not as deep. To try in all things to be prepared. It is smart to be like the little ants and prepare...Like God teaches us to do! :)
I love roses...are yours fragrant? They sure are very pretty. ...oh, and thanks for the hints on preparing beds easily!! Sarah