Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Like Lucy The Pig

So. Remember in the book, Farmer Boy, how Almanzo fed some taffy to Lucy, his little pig, and it glued her mouth shut until the following morning? And how Almanzo and his siblings raced after Lucy so they could catch her and pry the candy from her mouth? And then remember ...

." ... how Lucy squealed! She squealed all the squeals that had been in her all night and all the squeals she couldn't squeal while they were chasing her, and she ran screaming to her pen." ?

Well, lately I've been a little like that. heh.

I mean, for the 20 long months of Tom's unemployment I stayed on a strict budget and tried to buy only what we truly neeeeded. I'd go to the supermarket and rush my cart right past the tasty stuff I didn't have coupons for. I'd need something from a department store or Dollar Tree so I'd go, but would totally bypass my favorite sections, aisles with cute dishes or fun books (my major weaknesses). You know, so to avoid temptation. Or if I did swerve to an Aisle of Temptation, I'd zing through it pretty fast, eyes darting side-to-side quickly, my cart yanking me behind it. 

I tried to find the fun in the saving-money game so that I'd not miss the fun of spending and usually--not always, but usually--that worked fine.

But then Tom got this new job and hey! He worked 11 days out of 12 (good grief) and that means overtime, and well, that means extra money. So guess who's been out shopping lately, kinda like little Lucy The Pig, a bit crazy, and buying, buying, buying, instead, what she could not buy for ever so long?

Yes, me.

But calm down... I only went a little crazy at Dollar Tree (spent a whole $15!) and got some much-needed barrettes and garden soil and edging (I'm digging a trench now for it--not my favorite thing) at WalMart, too, (where I must constantly remind myself to receive Grace, receive Grace just to stay there more than 10 minutes). And I did buy 3 Janet Lambert books online, but at bottom-feeder prices. (If the whole Western New York library system had any of Janet's books--they don't--my life would be easier. And less expensive.) And I bought a tiny rosebush from my supermarket this morning. Oh, and two new summer nightgowns from online, too (my current one practically being a rag).

And oh, it all felt so good, I will confess. And I felt giddily grateful to God.

Anyway, weren't these two little guys from Dollar Tree adorable?

(The best thing about garden decor? They distract your visitors from the fact that you have a black thumb.) 

And then there were these, also from Dollar Tree:

I'm always amazed at what you can buy for $1 there. I bought two rolls of the green contact paper, actually, but I've already used most of it in three kitchen drawers. When we first moved here I placed nice woven place mats in the drawers (an idea I saw somewhere) and then each time we'd have company I'd wonder, "Hmm... didn't I use to have plenty of place mats for the table when we lived on the farm?" Duh. Anyway, now I have my place mats back for their original use and other uses, as well.

So that's where I've been, that's what I've been doing, in case you wondered.

And I'll share just one helpful tidbit before I end this. Lately I've encouraged 3 friends to start blogs of their own, but each of them told me, "Why would anyone want to read about my life? What do I have to share that's interesting?"

The funny thing?  That's exactly what I said before I began this blog. I emailed those very words to a good friend, in fact. But after I sent-off that email, it was as though God said, "How about if you start a blog and let Me speak through you? How about if you share what I've been teaching you for years? How about if you look at this as an opportunity to help people?"

How about that, indeed?

Wow. God has all the best ideas and that's partly why I try to listen harder to Him than to my own dull, silly head. Nor to satan, of course, who'd rather I just sit around here and twiddle my thumbs, helping nobody. Life in response to God's ideas is way more colorful, exciting and overflowing with incredible joy. Trust me.


To complete my shopping extravaganza, I think I'll shop at Salvation Army tomorrow. It's half-off day. :)


You have a story to tell. You have valuable things to share. We all do.



Dolores said...

Debra, over the years I have worked at Dollar Tree three times, so you can imagine how much money I spent there. The store I worked in is only a couple of blocks away and I go there a lot. My usual bill is between twenty and thirty dollars! Dolores

Anonymous said...

Ok you got me! Actually it is more the technical stuff of the whole blog/internet stuff that dumb founds me. I always empathized with the man in one of the original Twilight Sone shows. The one where the gadgets of the world seemed to never work for him. [ I also knew the feelings of the poor man who was was the last man left and thought he could finally read all the books he never had time for..and then broke his much needed glasses...but that is another post! :) ] I am minus any mechanical or technical gene. I draw a blank when I try to read about stuff and even when people patiently try to tell me how to make things work. Yes, I honestly said I had nothing to add that wasn't said already [[ was that like denying God makes each of us unique?..has me thinking now. ]] I have a blog that was made for me as a surprise but no idea how to even get into it let alone post! :) :) Ok you have me thinking...again. :-) Sarah

Anonymous said...

Even though Walmart is close enough to walk to we seldom go. There are a few things we do get mainly there. When we finally regrettably go we get two of them so we don't have to go again for a longer amount of time. :) I thought the last time I would browse around a couple department just to see what is there. No, we found we went in grabbed what we needed and headed for the nearest not too crowded check out line and got out the door and breathed a sign of relief! The good dollar stores are like used stores. The merchandise changes so often and the price is usually right! :) You still have to be discerning and use your noodle and not over do but it is much more fun than a formal store. It is remarkable the books I have found for $1 that sold for $24. Who has $24 for a book? I found some good DVDs, books..you name it!.. for gifts for birthdays and Christmas. A long good grabber things that was in the health care catalog for ...well Not $!!!! I got two. One for grabber usual work and the other to grab that branch of my bushes that escapes to the neighbors yard. I 'grab' it and pull it over with one hand and can then cut it off with the cutters with the other. It is extra long in length and works beautifully to grab those branches that are out of reach. When my mother was rising us there were no $1 stores or in our town at least, no used stores, and few grocery stores so no competition in pricing. Aren't we blessed now? !! I think the little you have shopped lately prorated for the many months you didn't would amount to about nothing! :) The little you spent will put how many smiles on your face? Well worth it I'd say. You now have the $, thou are not over doing in the least! :) :) Sarah...again

Rosemary said...

It tickles me to read that someone else delights in little things like new hair barrettes and pretty dishcloths. Life is just more joyous when we live this way, don't you think!