Sunday, January 29, 2012

You Probably Didn't Know...

In case you've wondered.....

No, I am not paying any attention to the current Republican shenanigans, presidential hopeful clownery, presidential election hopefuls race. I just don't care anymore. No single person will ever pull us up out of our present debauchery, for only God can do that and I don't believe He'll do it through politics. Ever.

Which reminds me, I didn't tell you, but after Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was shot--and Sarah Palin and her gang refused to admit their gun-toting campaign slogans were a mistake--I stopped calling myself a Republican. I want nothing to do with that group. I've been an Independent ever since.

What are my current favorite tv shows? NCIS, American Pickers, Person of Interest, Hoarders. In that order. I only watch them online.

And no, I'm not watching American Idol this year. Not for any negative reasons, really, I just can't stay up that late anymore and after all these years I've gotten bored with it. I know how it works. Been there, done that.  ZZZzzzz.

Who are we having over to lunch next? Cher, our realtor friend who helped us buy sweet Hobbit Cottage. She is a delight.

Is it snowing at our house? Yes, it is. Majorly at this moment. But I'm feeling very grateful Naomi had two clear, snowless birthday days in which to celebrate. Since she was born, her birthday has often fallen on the snowiest, messiest day of the year, making her childhood birthday parties a bust. But this year and last she had snowfree birthdays. Happy sigh.



And please.... I won't lecture you about your political convictions if you won't lecture me about mine. :)



K.E. said...

I completely agree with you on the political shenanigans and who can fix it and who can't.

Thankfully, I don't have cable, so my TV watching is all Netflix - no commercials or political blah blah blah.

Debra said...

K.E.--yay! I'm in the best company, then. :) I watch my shows online (again, because I'm asleep by 7:30 most nights) so the commercials are limited and hooray! No political blah, blah, blah there, either. (I'm also addicted to Netflix, but don't tell anyone, ok?) :) Thanks for commenting--hadn't heard from you in awhile and I'd missed you!.... Debra

Anonymous said...

Some years ago, hubby and I were elected to be delegates to the state convention (party does not matter because either one, it is basically the same story as to HOW things are done...daughter found that out firsthand over a decade after we did, only in the opposite party). I have even worn out shoes going door to door for candidates (which may not even be done anymore). Other than locally, I am not even sure that voting counts. Our conclusion: A waste of time. Because we learned that all decisions are made with a select party few behind closed doors WELL BEFORE the convention which then is just one huge cheerleading party. Had enough of those silly things in high school. So yep, agree with you...prayer and depending on GOD is our only option!! Enjoy the snow!!
Elizabeth in NC

Mrs. Mac said...

I'm sick of it all too! Without any sense of right or wrong in society, our youth has set sail without a rudder. So pathetically sad. God is still in charge .. but His subjects have been hoodwinked by the devil.

Nan said...

I just told 'my' Tom this morning that I am done listening, watching, or reading about this election. I will wait and find out in a few months, after I vote, who won, painlessly :<)

We DVR all the shows, and watch some others on Netflix Instant or dvd. I love so many - Kingdom, New Tricks, Parenthood, Modern Family, The Middle, The Finder, Person of Interest, the new Touch, Castle, Blue Bloods, NCIS/LA, Royal Pains - oh, I'm sure I've forgotten some.

Judy said...

This reminded me of a line from Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer - "Let's be INDEPENDENT together!"

Donetta said...

your a feisty soul today

Enjoy your week darlin'

I am home schooling covering 'history' well it has been forgotten by this generation...repeating itself perhaps the wheel turns again.