Monday, January 02, 2012

A Clarification :)

Aww, some of you in my comment box had questions about "my book" which I mentioned in my last post.

This blog is my book. My 'letter to the world' as Emily Dickinson said.

Over 2,300 posts in seven years!

True, I've not published "this book" upon paper, yet nowadays in this electronic age does that really matter? Nah, I don't think so. For still, even so, God gave me the discipline to write almost daily, to record what He placed upon my heart, to tweak it until it sounded 'right' grammatically and otherwise, and to share it with readers across the world.

Sounds like a book to me. A 2012 kind of book.

Perhaps someday I'll publish a sort of "The Best of As I See It Now," paper book, but I'll wait until God says, "Now. Publish now." In the meantime I'll just keep writing here, blogging, as He nudges for you, some of the most kindred of kindred spirits I have ever, ever known.


Thanks so very much for your happy 2012 wishes!


The new Pillsbury coupons are up and they have a great variety of products. You can print two of each. They even have a coupon for .85 cents off of any Muir Glen organic product which will mean $1.70 off of each of the two products I buy at my store--yay! (I know. I'm easily excited. heh.)



Anonymous said...

Ah yes, of course...a blog can indeed be a book!! I have seen some neat books made by others, of blogs, photos, etc.

Happy writing!!
Elizabeth in NC

Saija said...

sometimes i read past post in my blog, and wonder at how God has directed the keys to share experiences He has allowed me to have ... so a 'best of' your writings - would one day be a good book ... almost like editing someone elses experiences, eh?

blessings on you - and praising God along with you for the fun He has allowed us all to have in this electronic age and letting the WORLD read our testimony which goes to ALL CORNERS of the globe!!!

Deborah Raney said...

I bet if you add up all the words of your blog, you've written SEVERAL books! Your posts have certainly given me as much pleasure as some of the books I've read. May there be many more to come! : )

Happy New Year!

Robin in New Jersey said...

The Best of....sounds good to me!

Thanks for the heads up on the coupons. I am out of ink in my printer! Drats!