Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Major Wednesday This and That

Oh happy day! We are back to 'Baby Cable'. Twenty-two stations is more than enough for me (Tom might answer differently), especially since we also have the Internet and Netflix and dvd's galore around the house.

More. Than. Enough.


Did you know that Pauley Perrette, "Abby" on NCIS is 42-years-old? Eegads! I thought more like 30. NCIS is my current favorite show, the only one I knew I'd miss from Regular Peoples' Cable (USA plays it a lot), so with my gift card I bought a season for NCIS fixes when I need them.


Forgot to tell you Tom bought me a nifty crock pot for Christmas to replace the yard sale one which broke. Is this cool-looking, or what?:

Ack, it's a dark photo, but trust me, it looks perfect in our kitchen.


Oh wow, did you read Susan Branch's latest Willard?  Her beliefs about Valentine's Day mirror mine exactly! (Felt kinda eerie, actually.) I was so blessed and inspired, I can't even tell you. You can read her letter here.


Oh, and at Dollar Tree yesterday I found a third book of essays! It's called Dirt Is Good For You, from the editors of and is stuffed with essays recalling the joys and trials and lessons learned when raising children. Pure delight.

I adore essays. Yet back around 15 years ago I remember moaning to God that almost never could I find books of morally decent essays at the library or anyplace else. But since then, He's helped me find some delightful, thought-provoking, morally decent collections and though I've mentioned these to you in past posts, here are my favorites listed in one place:

Thoughts of Home edited by Elaine Greene
If These Walls Could Talk edited by Elaine Greene
Mama Makes Up Her Mind by Bailey White
Sleeping At The Starlite Motel by Bailey White
A Matter of Choice edited by Joan Chatfield-Taylor
It's Bright in my Valley by Philip Jerome Cleveland
Domestic Affairs by Joyce Maynard
How To Fit a Car Seat on a Camel edited by Sarah Franklin
Dirt Is Good For You from the editors of
Oh, and the Front Porch Tales books by Phillip Gulley

I'd love to make those all links for you, but today is special, in that, we're having our friends, John and Donna, over to lunch. So now I must dash and clean and straighten and cook and prepare for a lovely time.

May your day be lovely, too.



Oh! One more thing. If you have a Facebook account, hurry over to the Green Mountain Coffee site for a free box of 12 hot chocolate K-cups. Found this through one of my daily free things email--one of the best offers, ever! (When you arrive it says 'enter to win', but after you fill-in the form, it says it's on it's way to you.)



Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful crockpot!! I have not seen one like that before and so decorative!

Thanks for the reading ideas...SOMEDAY...right now too much paring down going on!!

Hope your lunch and guests turn out wonderful. Tis a rainy day here...would be a great day to do some such thing!! My guests arrive after dinner lots to do!!
Elizabeth in NC

Rita said...

Just want you to know how much your blog is helping me. We have scaled back for a long time and continue to. It is fun to know we share having less and enjoying it more with you. Now, we are looking at cutting back even more. My daughter and I have both worked sometimes 2-3 jobs for the last 11 years. Now, I've retired and realized how very tired I am. I have taken vitamins to help me sleep and yesterday added a couple more because you take some that I don't. I am working on going to bed even earlier so I can get up when the alarm goes off. :) I'd like my daughter to leave her job also she would like to leave it too. Sometimes the job you have just was not meant to be. We have figured out how to get along in some ways but not others. I know we will have a nice size garage sale in the spring. I really hope things sell. Also, I have a rental. I'd like to sell it on one hand. If I could rent it out that would give us income but also more work to do so we will see if the income is worth it. So far it has only made us possibly $2000. a year and I'm not sure it is worth all the work it takes. Lots of choices to make. I'll be right here reading your blog for help as we make even more of a transition. Thank you!

Saija said...

we have too much tv - but that is about all leo is up for ... sigh ... i don't mind him watching, as long i don't have too!!!! so i know what you mean ...

tho' i do LOVE NCIS!!!! :o)

blessings on ya!