Thursday, January 05, 2012

The Search for Alive

Usually I don't visit the public library during the whole winter because, always, my books seem to be due on the snowiest, freezingest day of the year or a day I just long to stay home. So instead, I choose books from my own dearly-loved home library.

Well. Yesterday I realized my current book had become boring to me, dead if you will, and I'd been avoiding it. So I walked over to my darling little library here in Debra's World and asked God to show me a book which would be 'alive to me.' Eventually I pulled out Things Left Unspoken by Eva Marie Everson, a book I'd only read once. And wow! What a perfect read for these frigid, snowy days. I'd forgotten pretty much the whole plot so it's like reading a new-to-me book (one advantage of no longer being able to remember anything. heh.)

In other words, that book is alive to me.

I remember spending whole years of my life holding onto dead things while expecting them to still satisfy and delight me the way they once had. Even now I catch myself sitting before the tv watching shows I used to love, but now am only half-interested in, ones just to kill time.

Or I'll try to resuscitate a friendship which died anywhere from 3 to 30 years ago. Or I still belong to groups online that once had meaning for me, but now feel boring. Or I'm still paying for magazines I no longer read, listening to music which, basically, is irritating or I'm doing the same ol' exercises I've done for 15 years.

You know. Too often just going through the motions and keeping dry, dusty ol' traditions. Rather like sitting upon a dead horse while (foolishly) expecting to get to fun, exciting places. Places I used to be and enjoy.

Tsk. Tsk.

But Grace teaches me differently. "Find what's alive for you today," she whispers. And daily that's what I try to do.

The book that keeps my interest. The encouraging email God is nudging me, giving me the words, to write. The tv show I enjoy, rather than just tolerate because there's nothing else to do. The meal I cook which sounds tasty for both Tom and me. The teaching I listen to which oh! Said exactly what I needed to hear. The blog post which feels fitting for me to write this day.

On and on it goes, this search for alive. You've heard, 'God is in the details," and well, I believe He's certainly in this one. God is all about aliveness! And creativity and joy and freedom. He is so not into dull, dark and bored-to-tears.

Uh, no.

So I'll leave you with that to ponder while I get up from here to continue my search for alive. Daily, it's an anticipatory joy to awaken here at Hobbit Cottage. I hope it's the same where you are. Truly.


Oh wow. Joyce Meyer has the perfect beginning-of-the-year message today. Go here for a teaching which was soooo alive for me this morning. So very practical with tons of examples of the necessity of self-discipline for daily life.


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Anonymous said...

Things do change with time, and often without our making them change either...friendships are a strange thing sometimes. I have had a friend for over 45 years but the connectedness has surely gone through different places. I had tried to keep it up (we have not lived in the same town since we were 20) but finally a few years ago, I just quit trying to communicate. After TWO YEARS of silence, I got a long, long letter from her...and not too long ago she told me that she realized she really needed to work more on keeping up her women relationships and not just focus entirely upon her husband...he is older than she by quite a lot and she could face many years alone. Yep, tis true. We DO NEED other friendships besides the one with our spouse. (As much as we have moved she was fortunate I had the same address!) Heh...
Elizabeth in NC

Elizabeth said...

I love all your post Debra, but this one is the best! Just what I needed to read today!

Debi said...

I love visiting here....your "alive" philosophy shows your posts always bring a bit of "alive to me!
Thanks, Debra...for sharing the reality of your life and what Grace is teaching
Happiest of new years to you!

Deb said...

Debra, I'm here via my friend Pat (Living on Grace) - your recent comment on her blog caught my eye and I decided since we are Deborah (albeit spelled a little differently...) that I should check out your blog. I am so glad I did! I so appreciate your post today and will be heading to listen to Joyce Meyer just as soon as I finish typing this comment.

I pray your day is blessed and that you will be refreshed in all that you do!

...and I may stop back again!

Anonymous said...

Your todays post got to me on many different points and levels There is much to ponder in it....and I am pondering. I did too go to Joyce's site and watch todays teaching. It has been a while since I have listened to her. I used to watch every day. I do have a question. She used to include the days teachings in the tape sets she sold. I don't see where they say that the tape sets they mention have any of the talks she gives that are on the day she is telling us about the sets. Do you have any idea if she gives us those particular teachings we just heard in the sets? Just wondering. I sure do know she spoke some great truths. Now I have to not just listen but take it to heart and find out what He wants me to do. Thank you Debra. Sarah