Saturday, January 28, 2012

Debra and Tom's Night Out

So. Yesterday was Naomi's 32nd birthday. Oh wow--every January 27th I get that Methuselah feeling. :)

And like last year, Naomi's band played at the restaurant where she works and Tom and I slipped in our ear plugs while the music played (making the decibels just right) and clapped and woo-hooed with all the other parents, grandparents and patrons for our daughter and the excellent musicians during the funky, jazzy, retro-ness of it all. We sat at a table with our nachos and sodas and with Naomi's buddy of 19 years, Kellee, and her sister. Here's Kellee--is she cute or what?:

We gave Naomi's server friend the size of tip God nudged us to and she thanked us genuinely. And while the guitars squealed and the drums thumped loudly, (music my favorite retro radio station almost never plays), I whispered prayers over this crowded room of people. That they'd all come to know Jesus. That they'd be protected, safe and that the ones who came only out of a fear of being alone at home would realize that --to God--we are all important, 24/7. Oh, and that someday we'd all, again, gather together to listen to music in a bright, heavenly room so very far away.

I bathed that dark place in prayer which is ever so much more profitable than murmuring criticisms of the drinking and the loudness of rock music shaking the very walls ( and forcing us to shout into each others ears. Literally.). Prayer will always accomplish things way, way more valuable and eternal than criticism. Always.

It was a good, blessed time--and for me-- kinda like being at church. Kinda. For it was a place to put godly compassion and my prayer muscles into action. A place to test my heart and bring forth what's really down in there.


Has anyone else seen the animated movie, Bon Voyage Charlie Brown?

 Of all of Charles Shultz' masterpieces, this one is my favorite. Unfortunately, it's not on dvd and if you can find a vhs copy, it costs a fortune,** but we taped it from tv eons ago while Naomi was young and she and I watched it together probably a dozen times. Last week I got it out and watched it and again adored the 1940's music in the bar where Snoopy goes and the French classroom scene where Peppermint Patty heckles poor Charlie Brown, still making me laugh till tears come. And the two funny car wrecks, the way Violet serves breakfast outside and the whole French feeling of the piece. Perhaps this is partly way Naomi took 5 years of French. Perhaps.

So anyway, I just wondered.... Does anyone else remember this seemingly-unappreciated film? I'm curious to know. For me, it's comfort tv at its very best.


** Update February 2018-- Bon Voyage Charlie Brown is now available on DVD! I bought mine last year and have already watched it twice. I feel blessed to own it.



Yay! Cozy Little House has worried lately about Blogger someday accidentally eating her blog (as some blogs have been eaten) and by reading the comments she received I figured-out how to back-up and save mine to my computer in a file. Though of course, if someday my computer bites the dust (heaven forbid, but hey...), so will the back-upped blog. But at least it's safe for now. (And yes, I really should put it on a disc, something I'll have to ask Tom about.)

Anyway, interested in saving your own blog? Through your dashboard click on Settings, then click on Export Blog. Then click on Download and follow the directions. Easy. I thought mine would take ages to download (2,500+ posts), but it didn't take long. No problems, either.



Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

Dear Debra, Thank you so much for the kind birthday greeting! They made me very happy. Glad to see you and Tom having fun, going out! I don't comment as often as I wish but I always read your blog with interest and appreciation.

Anonymous said...

Nice you got to celebrate with your daughter. Once they marry, or move away, etc. those times might be we have learned. We are supposed to fly out (across the continent) soon to celebrate our older daughter's birthday in February...first time I think in 16 years!! We are taking our youngest with us too, so all are looking forward to this!!

We liked to watch Charlie Brown, etc too, but I do not remember this one...maybe if I saw it I might. We got a lot of the neat big books of those comics, bound in very nice paperback, as gifts for the children some years. Everyone loved to read them.
Elizabeth in NC

K.E. said...

Naomi is a lovely woman. How blessed she is to have parents who let her follow her heart and support her - even if they have to wear earplugs. :)

K.E. said...

Thanks for the saving blog tip - I was just thinking about that yesterday! Just downloaded mine to a flash drive.

Mrs. Mac said...

Yes .. Happy birthday to your daughter ... AND a big thank you for the 'save your blog' tips. Stay warm.