Sunday, January 08, 2012

On A Sunny January Afternoon

My, my, my... Could the weather folks be more wrong? I don't think so.

Months ago they told us--they insisted--this would be the longest, coldest, snowiest winter we'd had in years and years. A real horror story.

Ha! So far we've had the easiest, sunniest, most beautiful winter I remember in all our nearly 19 years in Western New York.

Lesson totally, totally learned.

When weather people make dire predictions, especially ones months in advance, just smile. Be prepared for the worst, ok! But keep expecting the best. Do not allow predictions to bring dread, for dread is ridiculous. Dread is a form of fear and of worry and ruins otherwise perfectly wonderful days. Avoid it at all costs.

Gotta run... Need to go and enjoy more of this glorious sunny afternoon at Hobbit Cottage where everything feels better, even Winter.

And I hope your Winter is amazing, too.



Amari said...

I thought the same thing when I heard the dire weather predictions, Debra!!! I think I'll go outside to enjoy it as well! Even if the piles of snow come, it's nice to know we're already into January and 2 months from now we'll be close to splashing through puddles.

Anonymous said...

It has been so warm here we are concerned about the bug population (which is always in need of cutting down). However we have had some VERY cold days for here too...but very strange because the warm and very cold are often side by side!! No complaints about no snow however. We are too busy this winter to deal with it!! If one can sit home and just look out, tis fine...but not for driving!!

Thanks for the coupons, etc. Tis helpful!
Elizabeth in NC

Judy said...

I just LOVE it when they are wrong about snow. Makes the weathermen seem more human.