Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Book of Inspiration

As you may remember, each time we move I do a major, ruthless culling of my books. Of course, there are some which I (now, anyway) plan never, ever to give away.

One of those books is The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio  (How My Mother Raised Ten Kids on 25 Words Or Less). I discovered it the week it came out (2001), ordered it and have probably reread it 15 times. I own the movie, even.

Truly, Evelyn Ryan was tremendously inspirational and no other book can rocket me off the couch and into doing something useful faster than her daughter's book about her. After only a short perusal of pages I just can't stand it... I jump up, unfold my ironing board and catch-up on my ironing or I'll step over to the computer to print a few coupons, write in this blog or send some emails. Or I may wash the (procrastinated) sinkfull of dirty dishes or look into some ways online for making a few extra dollars. Just anything productive, doesn't even matter what.

If you've never read about this woman who supported her large family by entering tons of slogan contests back in the 50's, please check it out here. Evelyn's husband was the definition of a flake (a mean, alcoholic one) and things being what they were back then, she was unable to go out and work--so she worked from home. It was part adventure and part nerve-wracking stuff. I so admire Evelyn for not being a whiner nor a quitter, though heaven knows, if anyone had excuses for whining and quitting, she certainly did.

I've got it so much easier than Evelyn ever did, but still, during this season of my life I need to do what I can money-wise lest I be forced to go out and get a job I'd so rather not have. This book about Eveylyn's life inspires me to keep up with my couponing, refunding and the little opportunities I have happening online (I have soo neglected the surveys lately). And Evelyn's communications with her co-contesting friends always reminds me of the value of friendships through emails and snail mail, too.

Well, stop me before I go on all day--I need to get back to reading this book about a woman who's example still lives strong for us all. Or maybe I'll do some ironing while watching the movie. As I said, it's just so hard to sit still while reading the book.


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Drats... I just now read that the author of this book, Terry Ryan, passed away back in 2007 of cancer. Read more about her here.



Echoes From the Hill said...

I loved that book. I read it when it came on the market, loaned it to someone, and haven't seen it since.

What an amazing woman that mom was. Thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

She sure was inspirational. .. to say the least. She kept up a good attitude even though living with a wayyyy less than ideal marriage. She puts me to shame. I know just where my copy of the book is and I am about done with my current read. Thanks, now I know which book I will read again ... Sarah

Anonymous said...

Going to watch the movie on youtube. Though the book would be nice too I am sure!! Thanks for the information on it.
Elizabeth in NC