Monday, November 28, 2011

The New Hobby

So I've reached a rather odd period of my life. Namely, I've achieved all of my realistic, true dreams and desires (as opposed to childish, whim-like ones) and now what is left but to choose new goals?

Like I said, it's all rather odd. I think most people moan how they had to drop certain dreams along Life's Road and now fear they cannot be picked up again because of Time's passage. Yet here I am, the odd woman out (what else is new?) whose real, lasting dreams all came true. No complaints about that here.

Yet, uh-oh, I wasn't hearing what to do next! And just as I began to worry about that ("what's wrong with me, anyway?"), God said simply, "Stand still. Wait. Be excellent in what I've already given you to do. And enjoy Life in the meantime."

So I tried to do that, tried to not to worry that I felt no new passion about anything. But I wondered at this new, clueless woman I'd become and toyed with the idea of just grabbing at a hobby or volunteer work, carelessly risking the future outcomes. 

But I know better than to do that. So instead, I just told myself, "Enjoy. Simply enjoy, even if this new place feels like Clueless Land where I must believe all answers will come later."

And then yesterday I cleaned-out my dollhouse.

It's the one Naomi and I built together when she was 14 and although it felt like cleaning-out a haunted house (oh the dust and debris! I'd not touched it during our three farm years), wow! My dollhouse passion was reborn. I looked at the hither-and-yon dusty, cast-off furniture and wondered, "Where did all the good stuff go? The vintage furniture from that box at the estate sale and the gold-framed paintings from JoAnne's Fabrics kinda like that painting discovered in that secret apartment in France? Where are they, anyway?"

Oh yeah. When we moved from the suburbs I gave our larger dollhouse (a yard sale find) to Naomi to sell and inside it was all the good stuff. And really, that was one of the oh-so-few times I'd regretted that huge purge back in 2007. Usually when I give something away, especially to Naomi, I never look back.

But yesterday I looked back big-time. Passion, even, seemed to course through my veins. ("My big dollhouse with vintage furniture! What have I done? What was I thinking?")

Yet after the internal whining, a tiny voice asked, "Well, why not finally (after 17 years) finish this dollhouse? Why not make a few things for it, buy a few things and do it up right, with lights, even? Why not turn it into your new hobby?"

Why not, indeed?

So yesterday, November 27th, 2011, a new hobby for Debra was born. Or reborn anyway, for dollhouses have enchanted me for at least 40 years. I love most all things whimsical and a dollhouse is as whimsical as whimsical gets.

And you know? I'm glad I waited for this hobby, that I didn't run out and commit myself to something less, something which would take away from the time to do what I really wanted to do.

And of course--in time-- there will be other hobbies and some volunteer work, also. But this lesson reminded me of the importance of waiting until God taps on your shoulder and tells you, "Go for it, kid." His ideas are best, they come with inspiration and all the strength and finances and help you'll need to see them through to completion.

May I never settle for anything less.


Please consider all these pictures to be "before photos."

Oh, and at least I took pictures of that former dollhouse with the vintage stuff. Find them here (scroll down).


If you're not liking your own today, remember suddenlies! One day everything may be the same ol' same ol', yet suddenly! Tomorrow may feel oh so different.



Elizabeth said...

A wonderful hobby!

Morning's Minion said...

I think that when we are feeling a bit restless its good to take a look at some unfinished projects or think ourselves back to a mood of happy crafting and see if it still fits.
A year and a half into what I hope is our last move I'm not sure where everything is, have wasted time looking for things I might hasitly have given away.
I've gotten serious about finishing a quilt started years ago--improvising and making do. It seems to be a good project for right now--rather than tackling something new.

Julie no longer in Texas said...

The movers broke the stoop stair and doorknob off my childhood dollhouse, that was also my daughter's. I was so upset. I need to fix them. Very encouraging post, Debra. I feel like I am still in "Clueless Land"! ;)