Friday, November 11, 2011

Just Around The House

Ran back over to Dollar Tree and bought more of those peel and stick stencils. I love how this one looks with the painting below it (it says "Dwell in Possibilities"). As Goldilocks would say, "It's just right."

And this one:

... I put above our dining room table:

For me, those stencils add instant personality and encouragement. I have one more that will probably go in Tom's office. Some decorators say putting words on your walls is sooo yesterday, but I say if something makes you happy, it's so today.

One of the few things I miss about the ol' farm is our compost pile, the one with the corral-like frame. But alas, I've made my own 'not-so-pretty-but-it-works' compost heap here in the 'burbs:

I keep a covered glass bowl on our counter top and when it's full of coffee grounds and sliced remnants of fruits and vegetables, I simply carry it out the front door and over to the end of the porch where I, splat! drop it into one of these boxes. Occasionally I add water since the roof overhangs them and even less often, I stir them up a bit. And yes, the boxes will deteriorate, but that's half the fun. The cardboard can then be added to the new soil.

With God, Life is fun. Even at home. Even in 2011.


And while I'm being creative today I'm remembering all those who have given their life for our Country. May your Veterans' Day, your 11-11-11 be blessed.


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Anonymous said...

Are you thinking of planting a few veggies next spring or summer? There is room for a clothes line in your back yard there I hope. I know your home before the last move did not have room. Just wondering! :) Sarah