Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Productivity List

So you know about Bucket Lists, right? Well, a few weeks ago Tom and I began making daily Productivity Lists.

What are those? They're a list of productive things we accomplished each day. Oh, not huge, world-altering deeds, but rather, tasks each of us sees as daily obediences to God, things which will also affect our future.

Tom aims for five daily productive activities, I aim for seven. I was just pausing nightly before crawling into bed, tallying my list inside my head, but yesterday I began writing these tasks in my diary. It's an encouragement to do so because without conscious thought, it's easy to feel as though the day was a waste, especially for those of us at home without daily feedback from bosses or co-workers or a real paycheck or charts detailing what we've accomplished.

Again, Tom's and my Productivity Lists are not filled with rock-the-world stuff, but rather, anything aside from the normal washing of dishes, laundry and cooking of meals, etc.


Answered emails (1 point no matter how many emails I answered)
Writing in my blog (again, 1 point even if I write more than one post)
Finding something around the house which was lost
Feeding the birds, raking the yard
Mailing a snail mail letter or card
Buying something which made our lives easier
Grocery shopping or if I printed-out coupons from online
Taking a walk
Paying bills
Having friends over
Organizing or decorating something around the house
Making an important phone call
Doing anything which I'd procrastinated for a long time

You know, those sorts of things. (There are more, of course.)

Even after these nearly 15 months of Tom's being out of work, he and I are still making adjustments to this new life. This being together almost 24/7.  And well, we've found these Productivity Lists helpful in keeping us disciplined because oh, how easy it is to become lazy during the meantime, the points between Today and discovering new goals and visions.

We're believing it's better to hike our way to our new life rather than just sit around waiting for it to drop upon our heads. There's such a thing as waiting on God (yes!), but there's also such a thing as His waiting upon us to step out of boats and walk in obedience across the water into His waiting arms.


"Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there."  ... Will Rogers


Oh, and technically this is different than a To Do List. These lists are made after we've completed the tasks. They're more like a Was Done List. :)



Anonymous said...

That last paragraph and the Will Rogers quote are special. Thanks for the idea. Don't know if hubby is up for list making it but I am. Hubby has been retired about the same time you two have been home and I know Just what you mean about adjustments. Him to me and me to him. Silly isn't it,.. after being married like forever we still have adjustments to make just because of a difference in the amount of time now together!! I still think it is nice if each has a hobby or volunteer work that leaves the other some alone time in the house once in a while. Oh how I wish!! :) :) Love em, but ya know how it is!! :) Sarah

Echoes From the Hill said...

I know that "to do" lists help me see what has to be done, and be able to check off tasks. Checking off tasks feels great.
I am also adjusting to my husband being home most of the time. This is when I love having a two story house! His office, and computer, is upstairs, and I am downstairs most of the time. Works for us!

Anonymous said...

really enjoyed this post Debra. hubby and I are both retired as of Nov. 1st. So I can sure use some ideas. he does do volunteer work and this week is away driving bus to NC for a group he works for. the trips are few and far between but he sure enjoys them and so do I being home alone for a while. Good for both of us. Thanks again for your blog! Linda

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this blog entry. Very encouraging to me having now turned 65 and having lived overseas for 16 years. Been trying to get reoriented.

Debra said...

Thanks, Everyone, for your comments! If any of these ideas help, just tweak them a bit to make them your own. :) This idea of the 5 - 7 productive things daily has truly made such a good diffence in our home. Thanks again.... Debra