Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Extreme This And That

So I've not even told you that in the same shopping center as our supermarket, there's a Target store. And yet? In the ten weeks we've lived here I've not been there even once. No, I've way more often visited the Dollar Tree between these stores and guess what I found there today? It's in this photo, above.

Give up? It's this:

Oh wow.  Since I'm always preaching that concept, I thought I'd better buy it. If I could find that kind of thing at Target I'd probably not find it for just $1. Hmm. I think I'll continue haunting Dollar Tree where I also bought some Christmas cards today. Tom and I are on a strict, strict budget, but you know? God still always manages to scatter just-what-we'd-hoped-for trinkets in our path at fair prices (so it behooves us to follow where He leads).

Let's see.... oh yes! We discovered last week that tiny, baby mice were eating out of the birdfeeder we'd set on our front porch and even though they were adorable to watch, we thought it time to finally hang the birdfeeder from our old blue flagpole. So here's how I hung it:

Of course, the birds love it. (We'll probably paint the pole next year.)

Oh, and can you believe that the following day Tom said, "Maybe we could still scatter a bit of birdseed on the porch for the mice." Good grief! Clearly, when a man starts missing watching (disease-carrying, dirty) mice eat birdseed, he needs to get a life. :)

Let's see.... Oh! Wilma asked me to show a picture of our new storm doors, so for her, here's the back one which looks just like the front one:

And here's the little ivy bed beside the door. Give yourself ten points if you spot the old-fashioned squirrel, one of the few things I grabbed from the flower beds at the farm before we left:

And here are a couple houses around here which I found adorable:

And to end this extreme this and that, Tom and I just last week discovered the Discovery Channel show, I Shouldn't Be Alive  ***. We were able to stream the third season from Netflix and uh-oh! Instant addiction. But oh dear, we're terrible. You should hear the names we call the really foolish people on those episodes. No, you probably shouldn't. But it's just so easy to sit here in the safety of our home, two big-time couch potatoes, and criticize those outdoor adventurous types who are willing to risk everything to pursue their passions.

We just wish they'd always use wisdom while doing so. :)

*** I Shouldn't Be Alive is not a show for the faint of heart. Uh, no.


In the top kitchen photo, you can also see the other bit of stenciling (above the window) which I painted last week.



Amari said...

Your post is so nice. Thanks for sharing! You put a smile on my face. I love your photos, too!

Anonymous said...

I found a saying on a board at the used store last year and it hangs in my kitchen. Makes me smile every time I see it. I keep looking for stencils at the used stores. They don't seem to carry any around here except the alphabet. The craft stores all moved out of the city so to even look for them is a trip. When we have they do not have the nice selections they used to. I guess stenciling is a thing of the past? Not for me! :) Loved the this and that post. I have those same squirrels around my yard! What fun for the new owner to find things you left in the barn and other trinkets to bring joy and a smile to their lives. I forget what all this post contained but I do know that I am still smiling since reading it! I do know that yes God certainly knows us and even our budget and give us a sweet blessing when we least expect it ... ... doesn't He! :) Sarah

Tracy said...

I got one of those phrase stickers from Dollar Tree, only mine says God Bless Our Home.

Lovely photos of your home and others in your neighborhood! :)