Thursday, November 03, 2011

What's On Your Refrigerator?

You know that commercial where we're asked, "What's in your wallet?" Well, I prefer to play, "What's on your refrigerator?"

On ours is a sort of collage and, truthfully, my favorite part is that old photo of Eunice, Esther and Ella, all sisters out for a special day back in the early 1900's. I also enjoy the button next to it given to me by Wilma, my buddy. It says, "The men of Mayberry" and always makes me smile to see their faces. Naomi's graduation photo cheers me, she in her tie-dye, purposely holding her guitar backward. The camera caught her as she was and still is, our daughter who was voted that year, Most Unique Girl.

But as I stand there mixing a cake or waiting for toast, I also appreciate the notes Tom and I have scribbled, reminders to keep us on the straight and narrow. On one card I wrote, "Never assume anything! Make clear requests and give precise directions always." (remember my post about that test?). Another card says, "Tom, Pay attention!" And no, I didn't write that one-- Tom did. Honest.

There's also a card which Dolores sent me that declares the British, "Keep calm and carry on." That one greatly helped me during my final, overwhelming months on the farm while Grace finally convinced me it was time to leave.

Below that is a magnet from Joyce Meyer reminding me to be a risk taker and I wrote another card due to her influence which says, "Remember, excellence matters." Because it does, you know. Aiming for perfection makes me insane, but aiming for excellence in daily (and not-so-daily) tasks is do-able. Less stressful, surely.

I also wrote "Pro-activity!" upon a card to remind us both not to be so lazy, which is tempting in this phase of our lives, what with living in a home with easy upkeep and Tom's not going out to work a 'real job' and our both being in our fifties and slowing down. (Waaaaay down on many days.)

To me, this refrigerator collage is like always keeping godly things before us so we'll be careful to do them. Tom and I need reminders like these and placing them upon our refrigerator is helpful, especially since our memories aren't exactly what they used to be.  :)


So what's on your refrigerator?



Echoes From the Hill said...

Nothing but a magnetic grocery list.
I used to have lots of photos, but decided I didn't like the clutter.

Elizabeth said...

You should have asked me before we moved. My frig was covered in pictures of Grandchildren, a Then and now pic of me and Jim and art work of the grandchildren. So far my frig in my new house does not have anything on it. I am slow putting things on the walls too, I sort of like the bare look for now.

Anonymous said...

Magnetic pictures frames, with family and dog pictures. A few postcards and a magnet that say "housework is evil it must be stopped". Sometimes I clear it off, too, but things seem to work their way back on there. In our last house the refrigerator would not hold a magnet, so it was clear and lonely, lol. Joyce