Monday, November 07, 2011

So Little To Do, So Much Time

I'll address the goofiness of that title, but first, some of you asked if any houses near me are for sale and yes! You can have this one for just $49, 900. Honest, that's what they're asking (all 3 bedrooms and the 1 bath are upstairs). It's on the street behind Nostalgia Avenue (as I've named it) with this across the street:

And this at the end, on the other side of the cross street:

(They're constructing a park right now.)

Kinda nifty, huh?

Anyway, I'm finding here at Hobbit Cottage that I've way too much time on my hands, for hey! Our house and yard are tiny, I'm no longer on Facebook, I'm nearly finished with stocking-up on food for the winter, Tom and I no longer need to haunt yard sales for we (pretty much) have everything we need and it's not like I can go shopping since we can't exactly spend money as though it grows on proverbial trees, what with having an extremely limited budget.

So! Tom and I, both, find ourselves in a huge transitional time and everybody knows transitions are uncomfortable and can be confusing and frustrating, too. But you know? Rather than simply sit around watching tv until some bright light shines down upon me and a voice from Heaven tells me what to do next, I need to just get quiet. And listen, listen, listen. And then do what I've heard to do, even if it's just the ironing.

For after all, even that's better than, instead, panicking and wondering what-am-I-gonna-do-the-rest-of-my-life-and-why-haven't-I-got-a-clue-now-in-my-50's? You know, feeling all condemned because of these big gaps of understanding myself. Especially since condemnation comes from both satan and my perfectionistic tendencies and conviction, instead, comes from God who's sooo patient, given that He created me in the first place.

Instead, I'm going to choose (a proactive thing) to get excited. I'm going to discipline my head and emotions to stay calm so that I can hear better what God is actually trying to say. For really, it's hard to hear anything clearly while my head and heart are shouting, "Hey you! You're all grown-up, for goodness sake. Shouldn't you know what you want to be and do by now? Sheesh."

No, I've learned that always we are evolving and moving ahead (with a few steps backward, ok--we're human after all) toward being who God designed us to be from even before our Day One. And really, I don't think He ever intended us to become Finished by age 45, you know, finished as in totally matured and wise and loving God and Man and almost never making a mistake. That's the goal and goals take time. Maturity requires much time, much reliance upon God and much cooperation from us after much emptying of self.

So hey. I'm Unfinished and today I'm ok with that. And I'm also anticipating much newness in my days and the years to come inside the parameters of this new life God has given me here in Hobbit Cottage.

(And I pray that you excited about your own future, as well!)



"Surely! Goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my Life."

(Whenever tiny, fearful doubts come slithering into my head, pecking it, that is the verse I whisper, wherever I may be. And  then wonder of wonders, those doubts usually fly away. Try it, mean it and see if it works for you, too.)



Judy said...

It all sounds so wonderful to me!

Anonymous said...

Well, you must be VERY effecient to be completely moved in, etc. It takes me so long to accomplish organization, etc. If I was where you are now, I might be looking around a bit in the community for some kind of volunteering. Helping children or adults learn to read, helping the hospital auxillary make things, etc. or maybe finding a quilting group, or knitting, or whatever handcraft you enjoy. (I read long ago that the friendliest folks can be found in quilting groups and even if one does not quilt, they need people to help set up food at the get-togethers, even help cut the fabric maybe, etc...or so I have read). I am sure with some time, you will find some things to do there that you do not yet know about. And still have time to pray more, etc. which is always a good thing!!

That is a nice house for sale (but the stairs)! I do not think you could find anything liveable for that price around here!! Amazing!!
Elizabeth in NC

Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

I think Elizabeth has already said all I wanted to. When my knees are new and wonderful (here's hoping) I plan to find some volunteer work again. There are so many people who could use your help, even if just to visit with them......And God is never outdone in generosity. I was told that when I was still in school and have always found it to be utterly true.

Pat said...

When Years ago I learned the difference between conviction and condemnation and the source of each, it became much easier to accept the me that God created. How wonderfully different we all are! I am not a group joiner, but I am a compassionate on one. We must never try to pigeon-hole ourselves, but instead let God's plan develope in us. What every you do, may it first bring joy to the Lord...then it will also bring you joy!

Morning's Minion said...

Retirement is surely different!
There is the need to be [even more] frugal and some issues of diminished stamina in my case--I'm older than you are!
We have been busy here with gardens and canning; we burn wood, so J. spends time in the fall and winter managing a woodpile. We are active in our church, although I refuse to sign up for everything that comes up there. I have fabric stashed to quilt into my dotage, so I'd best get at it.
Still--it is a bit unsettling to "retire" after years of work--in my husband's case, self-employment.
We do need to be listening and open to God's urgings!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Elizabeth and Kristi, finding some volunteer work would be for you immensely gratifying.
It could also be with animals, your local animal shelter, walking dogs or playing with cats. Whatever it is I am certain you'll be happy you did it. Marie