Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Well, I lasted until 10:30 this morning. That is, that's only how long I could wait before turning our computer back on, risking the Conficker Worm thing.

I reasoned that we'd have to turn it back on someday, anyway. And you know? I kept hearing in my head that I was leaving our computer turned off because of fear. And if there's one thing I try never to base my decisions upon, it's fear. So I plugged-in the computer, switched on everything and then immediately went to the McAfee site since I heard yesterday if you could get there, your computer was still ok.

Alas, our computer is still ok.

And I am still learning the difference between fear and wisdom. Sometimes they appear the same, yet as the Bible says, fear brings torment and I was feeling pretty tormented about not being able to go online. Heh.

There is oodles to learn every day! And if I ever feel otherwise, it's usually because, somewhere along Life's way, I got stuck. As in, I began thinking I already knew everything, or I'd moved on from learning something when God certainly wasn't ready for me to move on, rather like graduating from a grade before even reading the material or taking the tests. And so He's holding me back a grade.

In other words, it's pride which blinds me from learning all there is to learn in this Life.

Like, last night Tom and I chatted about people who are our own personal thorns in our flesh. Man, those thorns may be small, but can they tear a big hole into you and expose the garbage which is still inside! Yet God uses it all--He uses those thorny people to show us that, yes! Just when you thought you'd become so humble, ol' Thorny says something which offends you over the next hour. Or two weeks.

Don't you hate that? Me, too, except that I know I should love it, instead. I should love being shown those areas which are holding me back from walking daily in peace and becoming more like Jesus. And well, maybe I haven't yet come to where I love being shown those areas, but some days I can--now--appreciate them. At least a little. :)


Most mornings at 6:00 a.m., I watch the old Patty Duke Show on the This Network. Memories galore! Yesterday Patty sang a song which I really, really enjoyed so I looked it up on YouTube so I could share it with you. There's a verse missing, but here it is. Enjoy.


Elizabeth said...

Thanks Debra. That brought back memories. I have always loved Patty Duke. Thanks for sharing.

Tracy said...

You lasted about as long as I did! :)

Judy said...

I made it until 2:00.