Saturday, April 18, 2009

Okay. Three days later I am still analyzing the Susan Boyle miracle. Man, I've watched that YouTube video at least 20 times (that's all I'll admit to, anyway) and I'm not the only crazed re-watcher, either. After reading at least a hundred comments below the video, and various articles about Susan's big night, I find I'm just one of many Susan-aholics.

Her fans are many and varied! The men delight me the most, the ones who describe their tallness and burliness in their comment, saying they never cry--yet they've cried with every viewing, they say. I especially enjoyed the comment from a man who said he'd taped the program on his tv, watched the part with Susan 15 times, then his wife hid the remote from him, hence that's why he was now at YouTube watching. :) Yet, when recalling Eldridge's, Wild At Heart, I get why men are watching this and feeling what they are. God created men to be great conquerors and along came Susan, up on that stage, conquering us all and prejudice and everything which ever kept her fabulous talent hidden and unappreciated.

The huge amount of attention Susan's audition is receiving and all those nearly 30 million hits at YouTube has me asking why? Why has this performance touched us this way? Why has it affected millions of us all across the board, many of us who have so very little in common? And in no special order, here are some of my guesses:

Some of us love to see fellow underdogs rise up and blow apart all the chains put upon us by people who convinced us to stop dreaming, people who wanted to save us either from disappointment or from topping their own accomplishments. We never tire of underdog-makes-good movies and here, with Susan, was a genuine "and you were there" moment, not in a movie, but in a live situation which surprised everyone.

Others of us saw ourselves in Susan--over-40, and with a huge, unfulfilled dream which appeared as though it would remain a dream forever. And when Susan's dream burst into fruition, our own packed-away dreams ignited into flames and burned brightly again with whooshing breaths of hope. It was almost as if because Susan's dream came true, all of the rest of us glimpsed our own dream happening, at least in a small way, with her.

And her song choice was perfect. As one fan stated, "Susan’s rendition of this song, made it so real, as if she had lived it." Always it's a powerful thing to hear from those who've crossed over the rough terrain of that of which they speak--or sing. (If we could remember that, perhaps we'd not so bitterly resent our own trials.)

We all crave appreciation. And we each crave that which is real. After being bombarded daily by plastic and phoniness and fake 'reality shows,' along came Susan, a woman who is probably as real as they come. We think, "She is real, I am real, perhaps God can use me, too."

For God has used Susan--many, many commenters recognized that and spoke of it. God can use anyone He wishes, however He wishes, to remind us world-weary and sleep-walking, hypnotized folks of lessons we've forgotten. In this case, the lesson being--stop making your life all about the outside, but rather, concentrate on what's going on inside.

The real stuff happens on the inside. It's on the inside where we are touched and changed and moved by the very fingers of God (He who is more real than anyone). It's from the inside where Love resides, walks with us, then finds His way outward to touch others. And the inside is everlasting -- it is the only thing we'll bring with us to the next world, a place where, I've a feeling, the inside will matter the most, as well.


Want to hear another Susan Boyle song which will blow you away? She sings Cry Me a River here. Wow. Tom and I turned-up the music yesterday and suddenly! We were transported to a 1950's elegant old-fashioned nightclub, seated at a round little table, drinking Shirley Temples, and looking up at Susan upon the stage. Cool.


Just have to share one more comment I came across at a Catholic blog:

"What has touched me the most as her story has been revealed, is how willingly she sacrificed her dream of being a singer for the sake of putting her family, especially her mother, first. It's a lesson on selflessness and patience. And can anyone question God rewarding her now for that?"

1 Peter 3:4 "But let it be the hidden man of the heart, in that which is not corruptible, even the ornament of a meek and quiet spirit, which is in the sight of God of great price."

2 Corinthians 4:16 "Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day."


Anonymous said...

Thanks for passing this along Debra. She is phenomenal and I totally agree with your assessment as to why she has taken us by storm.

I think of her every day as she brings a bright spot into this weary world of bad news...24/7.


... Paige said...

My Beloved teared up and was beside himself until it loaded so he could show me even tho I told him I knew.
I pray that she be cautious and weary of the world some of us are a bit more familar with. That God contuines to place His people along her path.
I know she will do well

Please excuse any typos I haven't had my coffee yet.

Have a great day!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Debra,
I have not watched her as many times as you,but was compelled to watch the video several times.She is amazing!