Monday, April 27, 2009

At my house this morning the sun is shining and we are due for 82 warm degrees by this afternoon. I've washed the dishes and straightened all rooms but one (the one I never straighten, the one I avoid because it's out of control. Do you have one of those?).

I'm playing the crooner music station and I washed a load of clothes and am feeling like every crisp, pretty housewife I ever saw on old tv shows (though I'm not looking crisp and pretty, myself, since I'm wearing gardening clothes). But I feel Like June Cleaver and her ilk, what with all the crooners and jotting down my list for the milkman and the sunshine and our warm gold dining room and our sunny front porch where Lennon The Cat and I sat for awhile drinking pretend coffee (well, Lennon didn't drink any, but both of us smiled like Cheshires).

And at my house this morning I'm planning to step outside into the country air and country scents where I'll weed the orchard trees and the flower beds beside the house and dig and fertilize and look around me a lot. And fill the birdfeeders (goldfinches are gold again!) and then take some extra Bison baseball tickets for Sunday afternoon (which Tom got from work) to our neighbors. And eat cold birthday pizza for lunch and not worry about the swine flu, even though tv people are suggesting hard that we should all worry.

Instead, I'll appreciate and celebrate and thank the One from whom all blessings flow and flow and flow.


On Saturday I finally painted the above corner post in our dining room. I like it.


Tom really appreciated your birthday wishes. He thanks you.


oma aka meme said...

you have a milkman or were you teasing-?
we had milkmen when the kids were little=
I feel in home moments also but I have no apron- LOL
spring was here but it is snowing again- so maybe next week :-)
hugs from Meme

Nan said...

A perfect morning. Right here, right now it is 81! The news people would have us upset every minute if we paid them any attention. My advice is don't watch. What on earth can we do about it anyway? :<)

Anonymous said...

honey, what's the pretty silvery item on the top of the column? i can't figure it out.

have a fabulous tuesday!


Debra said...

Oma aka meme--yes! We do have a real-live milkman who delivers milk in glass bottles and other things, too. Love him. :) If you'll plug in 'milkman' in my search box at the top left of my blog, you'll be able to find my two posts about him. Well, hopefully.

Nan--oh, I know. I've written before that I only watch the news when I'm given the grace to watch it and not get upset. When the grace isn't there, I don't watch. Lately the grace has been here. I actually enjoy the 6:30 world news on NBC. :) That's actually a white car which belongs to Tom. It's a bank, too--you put the money in a slot inside the trunk. :)

Thanks, everyone! Blessings, Debra