Monday, April 13, 2009

Life on the farm is amazing. But then, I always, for 40 or so years, knew it would be. It just required mega doses of patience for me to get out here.

There's another tiny town near ours, seven miles away, and technically our property is listed as being inside that town. Well, I'd not been to their cute little supermarket in at least 6 years, or so, and yesterday their newspaper ad listed lots of great $1 sales there. So on this bright sunny morning after finding the back road directions on Mapquest (it's simple to get lost out here in the boonies, at least for me...) I drove past fields and 1800's farmhouses galore. Honestly, I need to take my camera with me someday to show those old homesteads to you--they will zap you back 100 years.

I can't describe how marvelous it is to always start any trip in the middle of the countryside. All rides begin like a dream, what with all these old farms and barns on these long country roads with so little traffic. On my 14 mile trek this quiet Monday morning, I believe I saw only three cars on the road. Truly that's Heaven for a freeway-hater like me.

The workers at the country market were so friendly, four of them looked right into my eyes and spoke hello with a welcoming smile. Busily they rolled carts down the aisles, but none were too preoccupied to be friendly. People in the country are different that way. The atmosphere of the store was like others within these country towns--more 1930's than 2009. I thought of so many of you while I wheeled my cart down over that old-fashioned floor and wished I could whisk you backward in Time with me.

Then back over these country roads to home, listening to classical music, rather like a movie soundtrack for my morning adventure. Early Spring in the country! We missed it last year, but we are so here for this one. And already I've promised not to miss one detail... not one greening tree or croaking toad or flowering daffodil. Last winter Tom and I promised each other we'd squeeze every precious moment from every clear, sunny day. And we mean to keep that promise.


Nancy said...

I can almost visualize your trip down country roads!
We have the acreage, and when we moved here long ago, it was rural, but the town has encroached. It is kind of sad, but I still love our house and barn, and watching things grow.
You sound very happy with your decision to move to the country now that spring has arrived. I'm sure you had your doubts over the long winter.

Elizabeth said...

It sounds wonderful Debra. I would love to see pictures of those old homes on the trip to your little town.I love country roads.We always take the back roads whenever we can.

Donetta said...

I would so love this day to be with you on that dusty simple road to a quiet corner of hospitality.
Truly after the unkindness at my father in laws tongue I could use a warm cup of coffee with a friend. Some gracious hospitallity where love ruled in the hearts and pleasure found in the eye of another, i that simple beauty of acceptance.
Got stung real bad yesterday.
You know though It was an Easter basket of it's own for my husband really saw a clear side of what I have somewhat silently been experience for some 27 years now. You know when we get old we just get to be more of who we really are.
May I say you seem to aging so gracefully with a beautiful charm.
I will hold this heart of kindness for ever. I will fight for that. I so want to age beautifully and just become more of He who is within me.

Safe to exhale here forgive me the privilege.