Wednesday, April 08, 2009

So last December I joined Facebook. I filled out the form, set up my account, sent a few invites to friends, then sat here looking at my blank page and thought, "This is it? This is what everybody is so excited about? Hmm."


After a few weeks I got it. I got the fun of Facebook and understood the hype. And now I like to view my Facebook homepage as a sort of newspaper front page where I can watch what my friends are doing. All in one spot I can read what relatives or my friends from junior high or high school or from my early married years in California and Nevada or later ones in New York and online are doing and thinking. Friends from all different states, ones which don't even know each other, are all talking and playing on one compact page.

I love it.

The other thing? As with anything in this life, I get out of Facebook only what I put into it. The more I contribute, the more I receive. The more fun and kindness I share with others, the more fun and kindness I get back.

I think it's called growing-up when we stop waiting for good things to drop upon us, especially after sitting and doing nothing, first. Instead, it's exciting when we start sowing the things we'd like people to do for us. You know, rather like 'do unto others as you'd have them do unto you' and 'to have friends, a man must show himself friendly.' That sort of thing.

It's silly the way we sometimes wilt and whine because friends aren't being the amazing companions we'd hoped they would. But I've found when certain friends aren't 'showing themselves friendly' toward me, it's usually because I've been neglecting them. Or I'm expecting them to reciprocate in the same, exact way when maybe that's not their thing. Or maybe I'm trying to resuscitate a friendship which died years ago. Or maybe even God is wanting me to back-off of the whole friendship thing for a little while so I can become better friends with Him and so He, in His own mysterious way, is keeping my friends from responding to my wild choke-holds upon our relationships.

Well, that's all going deeper than I wanted to go with this.

Mainly? Mainly this was just meant to be a reminder that even in 2009 we do still generally reap what we sow. And when we sow kindness and friendship--even at Facebook--we'll discover Life is more fun than we, perhaps, remembered it could be.


Elizabeth said...

You are so right Debra.
Friendships have to be cultivated.
As usual,you say it so beautifully.

Charity Grace said...

I've really enjoyed fb too. I hear people griping about it just like they gripe about a lot of things, and I think...Well, if it's not for you that's fine...But it's been great for me! Glad you are enjoying it also!

Nan said...

Would you say, Debra, that Facebook is for people one has already met, either old or new friends; and blogs are for those we haven't met??