Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Just For Fun

Wow. This is scary! Well, scary in a fun, how-does-she-do-that? sort of way. She guessed my re-gift every single time! (Turn up your speakers or you won't know quite what's going on.) :)

(Insert Twilight Zone theme music here..............) Really, this is weird.

Let me know if you outsmart her (or if she makes you crazy, too)!


Judy said...

So weird!

Robin in New Jersey said...

Interesting. I noticed that more than one box had the same gift. One time I didn't do the math, just went and picked a box and saw what the gift was, and she named that gift!

Sabine said...

Hi Debra,

The result of taking away those two digits from any two-digit number is always a multiple of 9. The boxes with multiples of nine all have the same gift. When you refresh the screen by going back to the previous screen to choose a new number, all the gifts in the boxes change, including the ones in the multiples of nine. However, you will notice that all of the gifts in the multiples of nine (9,18,27,36, etc.) have the same gift in them.

No, I didn't outsmart her, lol. I used Google to find a similar puzzle but it still took me awhile to figure out how it was done. The mind-reading theory was more fun, though.

Feel free to hold my comment and let your readers have some fun with this. My mom and I did! (c:

Everly Pleasant said...

It drove me crazy as well!
What a strange game...I just hope that that woman doesn't appear in my nightmares tonight! :)

Nan said...

How DID she do it???