Saturday, April 11, 2009

It's a lovely morning here at Healing Acres and I'm appreciating our 'new' golden dining room. Our friends, John and Donna, came to lunch last week and Donna even wore a gold turtleneck sweater and brought me a gold gift inside a gold gift bag in honor of our gold dining room. Was that sweet or what? Donna is clever like that.
See this chair? Tom and I found it yesterday at a yard sale for only $1. I love $1 chairs. Slowly we are replacing the wrought-iron patio chairs around our old (yard-sale-found) pine table (we sold our Craftsman table and chairs to the new owner of our last house). We could go out and buy a whole new lovely and expensive-ish set of table and chairs, but why?

Probably this post should reflect something holy since it's Easter weekend, but you know? I don't do Christian holiday posts well. I mean, my online friends are saying they're looking forward to Sunday... kind-of like they're looking forward to when Jesus will rise again.

But, uhm, He already arose! Thank-goodness. And now? Now every single day of my life is a celebration of that fact and I find it hard to super-celebrate it on one weekend in April. Probably that's just me, but well, it is what it is. Jesus' being alive is such a minute-by-minute, 24/7 piece of me.

And I realized with all this "looking forward to Sunday" I've been hearing about that I seldom look forward to certain special days anymore. No, I look forward to every day. Even Mondays, it doesn't matter. Every single day is the same to me--they are all, each one, special and to be anticipated. All because of Him.


So happy day of Easter number 101 of this year to you!


Maybe you've noticed lately that my rebellious side has been showing. But considering my style of rebellion, well, it could all be much worse. :)


Rita said...

Thank you for sharing your comments about the holidays and Easter. I feel the same and thought I was the only one so was keeping my thoughts to myself. Just thought I was just way tired from my work and wanted rest. Good to know.

Anonymous said...

"religious" holidays - I'm with you.

Tracy said...

Healing Acres is a lovely name for your little homestead! Your dining room looks so cozy. :)

Anonymous said...

So glad I am not the only one with the holiday 'attitude'! So true. Each day is great, period!

Saija said...

Fox news gave Rick Warren an hour for a sermon from his church ... it was a most excellent sermon ... i thought, who cool is that - for a secular network to give a whole hour for folks to hear the gospel - when they may never hear it otherwise!

and isn't that the point of our whole lives - to do what Jesus asked us to (His last words on earth before he went to heaven) - the great commission ... to share our faith with others ... so that they might come to know Jesus as Saviour!!!

blessings on you ... and healing acres ... (hugs)

Donetta said...

think about Him in the temple...Wow those tables must of flown!

Mimi said...

To me, much more than Christmas, Easter is the most holy time of the year. The time when the promise of God is complete through the sacrifice of His Son. I ♥ Easter the most.

BTW, I ♥ dollar chairs, too. I'll never forget one summer a couple of years back. I had one of my dollar chairs in the driveway waiting to be moved into the house. The trash guy came, emptied my cans and grabbed the chair! I put on my shoes as quickly as I could, got into the car and hunted down the garbage truck a block away only to find out that my sweet chair - the one I was going to bring back to life - sadly was now in a zillion pieces and had gone to that little wooden Heaven in the sky...sigh.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

I'm so glad that your new golden dining room is making you so happy. Isn't it nice to have found something, which is such a super-pump to our over-all feelings? Yes it is!

And it's also nice to really notice how this is so, in our life. Not just take the attitude... "Well yes, it was a thrill at first, but after all, it's been a little time now, so what's the big deal?"

Every joy we find, should be a very big deal!

There will always be things to drag us down. Let's keep noticing the Joys!!!

Plus, one's enthusiasm can spread to others, and that's always a good thing. [No Martha Stewart pun intended. -giggles-]

'Aunt Amelia'
P.S. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Gold. Golden. Did you ever think of trying out a golden background choice, for your blog??????? Mmmm, that might be an interesting thing, to try. And very easy to do, with Blogspot. I say EASY, 'cause even _I_ can do it! ,-)