Friday, April 17, 2009

Yesterday Tom and I drove back to our old hometown and had lunch at the home of our friends, John and Donna, and also, my friend, Laura was there. Such a lovely afternoon of fellowship and fondue-ing! Then we drove a different route home through the countryside, perhaps only four trees showed a faint, faint green, but I could feel an impending burst of Springtime within me. Could practically hear that soon-coming explosion.

Tom was due back at work today, but alas, he is home with an upset stomach. I feel fine, so his discomfort is not due to yesterday's lunch. :) I had no great plans for inside the house so his being here will not stall any projects, so I've been a sweet and patient nurse (when my plans are being spoiled, sometimes I can be cranky. I am, after all, human).

No, my projects are all outdoors today. Oh, the sunshine! And I've nearly finished my first garden bed in my Secret Garden, a small one, probably 4 1/2 feet by 4 1/2 feet, but how amazing to have begun the work back there behind our barn. And yesterday after we returned I began my 'patio', too... I am sinking flat stones into the ground then placing gravel in between them.

You would laugh to see my small beginnings, so I'll show no photos yet. But that's how beginnings usually are--fragile, undefined and laughable to others who've not glimpsed the finished vision within their minds as you, their creator, have (so it behooves us to stop expecting others to understand). I gaze at what I've completed back there and I see the tiny start of the dream--and it's amazing. Already. I see the work I've put into it-- the digging-up of the sod, the framing of the garden bed, the pushing around of the wheelbarrow and the overall feeling of being allowed, as a horse, 'out of the gate' where I'd stood all the snowy winter, just yearning to break free.

I see all that and my tiny beginnings look pretty darn nice already.


Enjoy reading murder mysteries? As a rule, I don't, but I could not put these down! I discovered them through, which I told you about here, and gobbled them up as soon as they arrived. They're written by a Christian author and you can read about them at or similar places.


Kristi in the Western Reserve said...

I so much want to begin gardening, but it's still too wet.......Not even good to walk on the grass! But my head is full of dreams of the summer garden!

Rodney Olsen said...

We're still enjoying some beautiful weather but we're heading towards winter. Thankfully Perth winters are very mild. :)

I'm glad you're enjoying the sunshine.