Monday, December 29, 2008

Did You Know?

Are you familiar with

You sign-up to have a five-minute portion of a book emailed to you Monday--Friday and by the end of the week, you've read a couple chapters of the selected book. You can sign-up for whatever category of books you prefer and read from more than one book, even. (I currently receive the Good News selections.)

I've found some good books through DearReader and I recently chose to buy this one, a mystery... because I simply must find out what happened at the end! :)

Just thought I'd pass along this info. for the readers amongst us.

Today I was so in the mood to visit this amazing beach house again. Thought you might want to, also..... Enjoy!

For, like, always I've dreamed of living beside a lake. Well, that dream has come true! See the lake outside our windows?

Cool, huh? Looked even nicer when it was surrounded by snow...When the snow returns(as it certainly will) I'll take another photo and share it with you.


Pat said...

Thanks for the tip...winter is the time to settle in with a good book, and not having to go out to get one is even better!

Karen said...

Sometimes geese or ducks will come down and settle on your "lake", even though it's only 6-8 inches or so deep. :-) And in the Spring, frogs and toads will sing you to sleep with their choruses.

... Paige said...

Pretty picture of your lake.
and you know abou that beach house, I t lead me on to little house club stuff. Just what I needed something else that too cute to look at.

Happy New Year!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Thank you for the link to finding book suggestions. I'd not heard of it, before.

Love your lake. It's awesome. And another example of how you can use your imagination, to "make things happen."

--You always want to live by a lake...
--A piece of land flooded, with all the rains/wetness...
--For you, it is the very lake you've wanted!

It would be so nice if more people could do this. Oh they can, I'm sure you'll say. And they _can_ use their imaginations, of course.



Many forgot...

Forgot how to...

Long ago...


Aunt Amelia~

Saija said...

is that a recent photo? my word! you got a meltdown happening!

it is still -20C here ... i'm crunching along the snow - trying to stay upright instead of slipsliding ...

blessings on ya!

Patty H. said...

Lovely little lake. We haven't had any snow yet. It's suppose to be in the 60's here today. Nice but i'd like to have some snow.

David Warren Fisher said...


Thanks for your consistently great posts...and pix.

I'm using the picture on your blog header as my desktop background.

Are you flattered?



Anonymous said...

1. Thank you for the book club advice.
I just signed up.
I can't wait.
I picked Good News and Mystery.
2. Love the picture of your lake. Simply lovely!