Thursday, August 28, 2008

Today's Project

On Thursday I tweaked my left wrist while moving that new bathroom cupboard around, so my wrist has been in a brace-thingy, taking a break of sorts. Been giving myself a break, too... yet one more detour in the road of accomplishment. Sigh.

But today I did paint the above shelf and hung it on the wall of our guest room. I like the added touch of color and warmth, what with all those white walls.

Much has gone smoothly since moving to our tiny farm. Much has not. So please keep that in mind when I tend to write like Pollyanna on speed.

But alas, I will try to share a bit more often the glitches and problems Tom and I experience, because it's important that you not confuse our Healing Acres with a perfect sort of Shangri La. It's not been perfect--and oh my... the lessons I have learned and relearned! Yet it's those lessons which make it worth the bother and hassle and great annoyances.

But always I am thankful for this one thing--that when my head lies back upon my pillow each night, it's the good and best things which rise to the surface and make me smile before I sleep.


And now it's time to wrap my wrist again in its little black cocoon.... It will be retiring to bed earlier than my right wrist tonight. Again. heh. (Actually, it's nearly all better. All along it's been just one small point of pain...rather like when you're at the computer keyboard too many days and hours.Been there enough times to know...)

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Dianne said...

oooh, wrist pain. been there, done that for years now. my wrists generally go to bed in those little cocoons, and scream at me in the mornings if i forgot!! lots of ice too, seems to help. hope yours is feeling better soon.

oh, and just fyi - i kind of dropped my blog at but have been posting to a new one (in my profile) lately.