Saturday, August 02, 2008

So here's the loft of our barn. Rather, er, rustic, huh? (Click to enlarge if you're brave enough.)

Of course, just looking at these photos, you don't get the full effect. You know, the cobwebs, the scent of hay and of barn, the dirt, the bird which was caught up there and kept fluttering around my head----- Etc.

Living on a farm, you can no longer be afraid of much--or you won't make it. You can't have fears of bats or spiders or snakes or mice or wasps and survive with your sanity.

But I digress.

For months, Tom and I have wondered what to do with this barn loft. Make it a 'sound studio'? A studio apartment? A guest room? A storage area? Debra's office?

And well, since all those involved spending lotsa money (and since we're already doing lotsa that), we finally came up with a 'free plan.' (And oh my... did that word, 'Free', ever sound great around now!).

We've decided (or believe we've decided) to create a museum up there. You know, to cover the walls with old metal relics from eras gone by, stuff we can find cheap at yard sales. Gizmos. Gadgets. Tiny metal cars. License plates. Stuff like that. We could even hang that nifty aforementioned chandelier from the center rafter. I love that idea. Shabby chic and everything (quite heavy on the 'shabby'.)

Ten years ago, in our old house, while Naomi still lived with us, we all talked about creating a 'museum' upstairs in our finished attic. (We also dreamed about making a Christian night club up there, but given that the houses beside us were around 6 inches away (well...), that dream got squashed quick.) But out here in the country we can finally make a museum if we wish. As long as we keep the admission free.

So that's what's new around here. We're gonna have a museum for the guests at our free bed-and-breakfast to peruse.

That is, if they can make it back down the stairs. Hmm.

Seriously though, we do plan to build new stairs someday. I don't even allow Tom up in the loft (remember, he has the bum leg from polio)... but he sneaks up there the minute I'm out of sight. Sigh.


daisymarie said...

I just played catch up! How amazing and beautiful. I love how you decorate--it is completely refreshing. Your woodwork is gorgeous. Your flowers...I could almost smell the hydrangias!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

What a fun idea, I would love to have a place to do something like that! Our attic is too hot and too small. I think you will have a lot of fun with your museum!

Laurie S.