Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Some miracles are small, yet they are obvious. For me, this is Day Two of Small Obvious Miracles.

Yesterday we went to John and Donna's house for an amazing lunch, lovely conversation and at least 50 new decorating ideas (you'd love their cozy place).

John and Donna told us that old friends of ours were hoping to buy a 60-acre farm nearby, so, though it was a tad out of our way, Tom and I drove past the house and land on our way home. We'd often noticed this old farmhouse with its five or more outbuildings but had no idea so much land came with it.

So after drooling over all that farmland (and two garages), we cut across a couple roads to join up with the one which would take us home--and on one of those roads--was a yard sale. A Tuesday yard sale! A rarity in our area.

And guess what we found? The hutch thingy at the top of this post. The very item we'd needed for two months... the exact piece I'd pictured inside my head for the corner of our bathroom, a room with little storage (does any bathroom have enough storage?). It's just what we'd searched a ton of yard sales for...just 15 dollars (talked down from 20)... and something we will leave with the house when we sell it someday.

One more thing which Tom and I feel that God led us to. Yet one more item to cross off our list. Just one more thing we tried to always leave the house believing we'd find. Cheaply.

And then there was today.

See, I subscribed to Mary Jane's Farm Magazine at least 6 weeks ago and for the past few days I'd been going bonkers--bonkers!--knowing that the new issue was available, yet it just wasn't appearing inside my mailbox.

Today it came. I opened my mailbox (praying, believing, hoping and even a little giddy because I had a feeling....) and there was Mary Jane. And Victoria! She was there, too. A gift from my friend, Donna, in Nevada.

Oh happy, happy day. I grabbed both magazines and skipped out to my deck inside my garden and read and smiled and inhaled the basil behind me... And then whooped and ran into the barn to show Tom this:

Do you love that, or what? A classy place for chickens. Well, color me inspired! Now there's one more inspired idea to add to my list. I do have my very own chicken coop, but I've never shown it to you. If you saw it, you'd realize why--it's a sad sort of place right now--a cobwebby, dirty old storage room. But someday it will shine and glow with color and create smiles and who knows? Maybe it will even house real-live chickens.

Inspiration is everywhere. Miracles are everywhere. But sometimes we must do a bit of searching to find them. And a whole lot of a never-get-discouraged kind of believing they'll be there at the right time.


Robin in New Jersey said...

I didn't get my Maryjanes Farm magazine yet. Maybe it a good one?

Andylynne said...

What a fun post. I found a shelf by the curb at lunch yesterday. So I know how you feel aobut the wonderful find at the garage sale. I love to get ideas, and want a chicken coop in the worst way. That is an adorable photo, it does give one lots of inspiration.

Saija said...

God is always there to cheer our day ... sometimes it's with corner cabinets ... sometimes with well priced school items (as my sister shared with me the other day) ... but always there ... wanting to offer MORE, yet we don't ask? silly us! our Heavenly Father is generous beyond our wildest dreams ...

so keep dreaming debra - even bigger & better! if that is possible!