Friday, August 08, 2008

So today we went to yard sales again and still we didn't find all the little dressers and shelves (for closets) that we needed. (You know, the stuff we see everywhere, even free on the street, when we don't need it.)

But see the above photo? Those are two vintage table runners I bought today--25 cents each-- which I just draped over the stick which is nailed along the window in our mud room. I removed the valence which had probably hung on that stick--I'm not kidding--at least 30 years. I just know it. I can recognize a 1970's valance and 30 years' worth of dirt when I see them. :)

And I confess... I bought more dishes, the last for awhile, I promise! These were just 25 cents each and blend well with all the others inside my hutches.

Also yesterday I found this shelf ($1). It was gold so I painted both it and the mirror above for our guest room when we got home.

And closer up:

And I am still playing with the curtains and table in our guest room, too. I keep making changes. Keep changing my mind. (The rug we bought new at Home Depot with a slashed-down price.)

The problem? Too many styles appeal to me. I love cottage and country and Tuscan and shabby chic and --

Of course, a house--a great house--is never really finished. But it certainly helps to know in which direction you are headed.

Yet this week I believe I made up my mind. I finally realized I'm going after a certain feeling. I want my house to look and feel like, well, uh, Blondie-And-Dagwood-Set-Up-Housekeeping-1930's Style-Inside-An-Ancient-Italian-Villa.

I'll let you know how that goes.


Oh, meant to say, too, that the dishes in my post, below, have a green border, not black. The photo was dark, I know... Tom had our old computer spread out all over our table (we're selling it) and that's where I prefer to take photos because of the lighting. Also, I'm not crazy about this tiny digital camera he bought while in Dallas... long story.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Blondie, er, uh, Mrs. Bumstead! Your valances/runners -- so cute, what a great idea! And I LOVE the rug you put down in the guest room, it is so pretty!

I know what you mean about liking too many different styles - I am the same way, thus I have a very UN-decorated home.

You are really doing a good job, you must be so tired each night with all the hard work you are doing!

Laurie S.

Anonymous said...

Girl!...You wasted NO time in whipping that place together... AND are taking NO breaks on it either!!! But how can we when He, not only gives us our heart desires with a cute little farm but keeps giving us all these cute little "finds" to fill it with? Isn't it amazing how all that energy simply appears seemingly out of nowhere when God inspires us? He is just SO good to us! He even gives us all our health and energy to get it all done. Thank you, Lord! Shauna

Saija said...

you are sounding so happy ... bubbly ... despite the work - planning - uncertainities re decorating ...

i love to hear your "voice" ...

good on you! you are blessed ... and we both know our Father loves to do that - bless us until we yell "uncle!" ...