Sunday, August 31, 2008

Right now I am reminding myself of my own advice... I've been finishing painting and decorating our upstairs guest room (finally) and before I get totally sick of decorating, I need to stop. Move on. Realize when enough is enough.

Or just stop and take a nap.

I spent way too many years leading an uncomfortable life, sitting upon 'dead horses'(activities which, for a time, God wanted me to do) and expecting those dead horses to carry me along as they previously had. Other times I hesitated to move on because I was too emotionally involved/attached/wrapped-up or getting too many pats on the back.

But God doesn't ask me to do anything for a high approval rating. No, He asks me to do certain tasks because they will further His kingdom and accomplish the myriads of His perfect plans. Or simply because He's testing me in the area of obedience:

Will I obey even though what He's asking doesn't appear to make sense?
Will I go when I'd rather stay?
Will I stay when I'd rather go?
Will I say no when I'd much rather say yes?

And on and on... All those lessons! But once they are learned--and once we can release our own agendas--that's when we are led to the best place. His places. The places He meant for us to be. The places which are always better than any place we thought we longed to be... as long as we're there with with expectancy. 

And how exciting to lead that kind of life--and to not fear it.

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Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I've been down that exact same path.

Such wise words!