Monday, November 12, 2007

Yesterday I saw something amazing.

While on my walk, I passed by three young boys who were raking leaves into four-foot-high piles and then--after tossing aside the rakes--they'd leap, laughing, into the leaf stacks.

They tossed leaves high and buried each other. They rolled around, giggling. They took turns running then--taking spread-eagle belly-flops--made big poofs of leaves rise in the autumn air.

Totally, totally made my day to see something so old-fashioned as that.

Every year I hear people say things like this:

"Kids don't play in leaf piles anymore."
"You never see kids outside these days."
"Nobody reads books anymore."
"People never take time to visit their neighbors."
"These days, people are too stressed-out to be friendly."
"All modern tv shows and movies are just junk."
"The days of soda fountains inside stores are gone."
"The good old days, period, are just long gone."

Oh really? I don't find any of the above to be true.

And then I hear those same people tell me, "Well, I can only call it as I see it."

And to them I would say, open your eyes wider and you just may see more. Begin looking farther and wider. And expect to find what's right, not what's wrong. Our expectations color what our eyes behold.

Once I heard this story: A woman sat at her friend's table drinking coffee one morning. Her friend bitterly pointed out her window to the yard next door and said, "My neighbor is such a slob. See? Even her laundry on her clothesline is dirty."

The visiting friend got up to look closer and realized something. Her friend's window was dirty, not her neighbor's laundry! Everything outside appeared dusty and dull from this side of such a dirty window.

What a good lesson.

I'll be going with Tom today for one of his injections for his back. I'll need to drive him home because of the pain killer he'll be taking. I wonder what kinds of good old-fashioned things I'll see there at the medical center? I always enjoy watching people holding doors open for others there and loved ones walking slowly alongside those with canes.

In fact, always I'm searching for good old-fashioned kindnesses and things wherever I go...

...and it's incredible just how much I still find.


Lisa in Texas = ) said...

I just wanted to let you know I truly enjoy your wonderful outlook on life. It would do us all good to look for the good in the world instead of dwelling on the bad. Thanks so much for opening our eyes to the good, old fashioned things in life.

Lisa in Texas = )

smilnsigh said...

Fantastic to see {and notice} children making leaf piles and playing in them. Something like that can restore our faith in the continuation of the human race. :-)))

I can only remember the wonderful aroma of burning leaves though. Can't burn anything in the city, anymore. But way back when, in my little home town, they could be burned. Oh what a heavenly smell!

I always *threaten* to burn a tiny pile of leaves, on our back patio... so my grandchildren can experience that, once in their lives! But, I'd probably be vetoed by the rest of the family. You know... those *stick-in-the-muds* which my children have become. -gigggles-