Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Did I tell you that Tom is, once again, working all day on Thanksgiving? And not a measly 8 hours or even 10, no, it's his usual 12 hour day shift.

So here's your test. Choose the letter below which you believe most closely describes how I feel about that:

a. totally bummed-out and depressed
b. hot and bothered and mad
c. dreading the whole day
d. feeling sorry for myself
e. anticipating time alone cooking in the kitchen while watching our little tv in there.

Heh. The answer is e.

But you know? Up until around 2003 whenever Tom had to work on Thanksgiving, I was always a., b., c., and d. Combined. So pathetic, but I believed I couldn't help it. After all, we're talkin' Thanksgiving, The Day for families to gather together. And instead, it would be just me in the kitchen and Naomi upstairs in her room, waiting around all day for Tom to get home, both of us picturing the whole rest of the United States celebrating happily. (And yes, that "everybody's havin' a grand ol' time" thought is unrealistic and we knew it, but that's how you get when you're determined to stay miserable).

What changed? Oh, about a million things, that's all, most of which are described in this blog, so I'll not rehash them. But perhaps the greatest change came about when it hit me that any day can be a good day as long as God is so vividly with me... and what matters is that I find the majority of my joy in Him--and not in perfect circumstances, relationships or things.

Wherever God is, it's the very best place to be. And wherever He is, that's exactly where I want to hang-out, be it outside where I take my walks or at the supermarket shopping center where I run my errands or in a kitchen alone on Thanksgiving Day...

...in His presence there's fullness of joy. What more could I ask for?


P.S. After Tom gets home from work, we will drive over to our daughter's house and have dinner there with her and her boyfriend, Carl. Naomi volunteered to make half of the meal which was a nice surprise. She's become such a great cook this past year!


elizabeth said...

Hey, someone else fixing half the meal ain't half bad!! Tis nice to have the younger generation do such things...we are mostly waiting for that still in our clan...oh well, hope springs eternal, eh? We will probably be just us 3...going the next day to be with the dil's clan as our son has to work a 12 hour day on Thanksgiving too. We are well used to such...a great many years of our lives, at least half our married life, we simply celebrated whatever holidays whenever we could and however we could. Grateful for the holidays no one was sick, cause those were few and far between. Glad you are looking forward to having a nice (sounds like) leisurely day...something to be said for being relaxed! Blessings!

Valerie - Still Riding said...

Thank you for your thoughts here. I can't always leave comments for some reason but I always appreciate your time and words.

Storybook Woods said...

Debra, I feel for you. David has had to work most holidays (a 10 hour day and 3 hour commute). He is lucky to have this Thanksgiving off but works Christmas (and all I really care about is Christmas) You have a great attitude about it all but it is hard xoxoxo Clarice

Classic Charm said...

Your words are very inspiring..and so very true. Thanks for sharing.

Ann said...

Have a wonderful day! Happy Thanksgiving!